The Rise in Popularity of Using Bopp Films in packaging Industry

by Deepika Olive SEO Executive
The biaxially oriented polypropylene is a variant of polypropylene, which is popularly known as BOPP. The surface on the material is used for printing which can be converted into labels, stickers, textiles and various other materials. The BOPP has the quality to get stretched in both the directions. The three most common processes used by BOPP film manufacturers are the double bubble process, tenter frame sequential and simultaneous tenter frame orientation. The process of manufacturing of BOPP is very economical and BOPP provides a lot of useful advantages to the users.

  • Making packaging labels.
  • The material is used to make plastic containers. Most of the containers in your home are made out of BOPP.
  • It can be also used to make plastic ropes and other plastic products. From the living room till the bedroom, you will see a variety of plastic products made from BOPP.
  • The BOPP is also helpful in the laboratory as most of the items are made from BOPP.
  • The material is used make performance textiles.
  • Also helpful in the medical field as it provides medical grade plastic products.

  • RUGGEDNESS: The material is very strong and do not get easily damaged.
  • FATIGUE RESISTANCE: It has the capacity to endure external stress and can be stretched easily in all directions.
  • MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Do not get easily spoiled by moisture as it has the capacity to resist excess external moisture. This helps the food in the containers stay for long.
  • VERY LOW TOXICITY: The food items inside the containers do not get spoiled if kept for long as the material do not produce any harmful effects on the food.
  • FLEXIBLE FINISHING OPTION: It provides an attractive appearance to the products.
  • TRANSPARENCY CAN BE CONTROLLED: The manufacturers can control the transparency level just like the way they want. It is very versatile as you must have seen transparent, semi transparent, translucent and opaque containers in the market.
  • EASILY PRINTABLE: As anything can be printed on the surface of the BOPP material easily. They are ideal for making labels, stickers and textiles.

The surface can be fully clear or colored, depends on your requirements and design. The feature of flexible properties makes it ideal for any kind of packaging. It offers versatile packaging styles, if you want clear stickers to show the contents or also make labels that are not clear. With the use of proper adhesives and inks, the labels can be waterproof, so that you don’t have to worry about your packages getting spoiled by water. The labels also do not easily get spoiled by water as well as extreme humidity, have the capacity to endure any kind of temperatures. The material is extremely strong and can endure any kind of external factors. Indigo pack ready is used in the process of digital printing. 

The BOPP is non toxic making the capacity to resist solvents and acids high. Many food and beverage companies provide acidic items; these BOPP films do not get affected or get damaged by the acid content. The other packaging material does not have that feature, making BOPP films suitable for any kind of packaging industries.

The article highlights the benefits provided by BOPP films manufacturers to the customers and the suppliers of packed goods.

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