Bopp plastic bag: a popular product in the packaging industry

by Sagar Chauhan Digital Marketing Analyst
here are many Bopp Poly Bags manufacturers in India as this product is much in demand especially by the packaging industry.

What is Bopp?
Bopp or biaxially-oriented polypropylene is a kind of synthetic plastic. It is flexible and can be stretched in different directions. It is available in various densities. It is shiny and has high transparency. This type of plastic is available in different varieties such as glossy Bopp, silky Bopp, mat Bopp, etc.

Where is Bopp plastic used?
Bopp is a very economical product and easily available. It is used in the packaging industry. Besides, many types of products are manufactured using Bopp such as water bottles, buckets, flux, trays, etc. Some people consider the use of plastic in packaging food harmful and dangerous. But Bopp poly product is completely different from other types of polypropylene.

The advantages of using Bopp
The advantages of using containers made from Bopp for packaging food are:

  • It is used widely as a food container because the food remains fresh in it. In transportation, the product does not get damaged, as it is resistant. 
  • Stickers and labels can be easily printed on its surface. Also the stickers and labels put on the container made from Bopp remain in place. 
  • The filmy clear Bopp is transparent and therefore the content is seen clearly. The customers can see the content and check it. 
  • It is non-toxic and therefore even acidic food items are safe in this container. There are many food products produced from acidic fruits or vegetables such as tomatoes, apples or oranges. But such acidic food products remain safe in the Bopp packaging.
  • It is environment-friendly. It can be easily recycled without causing any damage to nature. 
  • It resists pollution. The outside air cannot damage the contents in it. 
  • It keeps the product safe from outside moisture.
  • It is strong, and therefore, it does not leak. 
  • It is light in weight and can be easily carried while traveling. 
  • It also protects the contents from the ultraviolet rays.
Even with a variation of temperature, it does not secrete any harmful chemicals. It is absolutely safe. On the contrary, it keeps the product safe from contamination by bacteria and virus. 

Various types of Bopp and their uses

There are various types of Bopp plastic used for various purposes. For food packaging and pouching, F1 grade Bopp film is used. 
Standard Bopp is used for manufacturing electrical equipment and other similar goods. 
Ordinary Bopp plastic is also used for printing, lamination, as book covering, etc. 
The Bopp film is largely used for packaging clothes, shoes, bread, cigarettes, etc. 

As Bopp plastic is cheap and easily available, its popularity is increasing. It has been proven that Bopp is excellent for use. In India, there are many manufacturers of Bopp poly products and a large number of people depend on its production for their livelihood.

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