Home Water Purifiers - Are They Really Worth The Investment?

by Eureka Forbes Home Appliance Providers

The threat of water-borne diseases is a constant in an increasingly polluted environment. Lakes and tanks full of effluents and contaminants is a common aspect of our cities, causing major health problems. In such a scenario, water purifiers become a necessity and not a luxury. Invest in the best water purifier for home use and see the difference for yourself. 

So, what do water purifiers do that make them an important investment? 

There are different water purifier models, and whether you are investing in a UV model or an RO water purifier for home use, they have their advantages. A UV model makes use of ultraviolet rays to wipe out suspended particles and contaminants in water. A UV water purifier is also capable of absorbing any organic pollutants and pesticides that may have made its way into your water source. In such a scenario, investing in the best water purifier will turn out to be a real lifesaver. If you live in a city or neighbourhood that gets its water supply from a river or tank, it could contain many pollutants and harmful micro-organisms, leading to water-borne diseases. A UV water purifier is ideal in such a scenario.

Invest in an RO water purifier

There are also water purifiers that make use of reverse osmosis or RO, and are called RO water purifiers. An RO water purifier for home use is ideal if you use water from a bore well. If hard water is pumped into your tanks, it could have a high amount of total dissolved salts or TDS. In such a scenario, the process of reverse osmosis helps in separating salts and heavy metals from water by making it pass through a membrane. Thus, water is made potable and safe. Also, hard water is converted into sweet and tasty water. It indeed has to be a worthy investment if your water tastes better and is also safe.

You could also invest in a UV+RO or universal water purifier for home use so that the best features of both models are available. 

Additional features

The best water purifier comes with extra smart features, giving it more value for money. Invest in those that come with cartridges designed specifically to retain important minerals like calcium and magnesium. Some water purifiers also come with a feature that boils water, adding one more layer of protection. There are water purifier models that have smart features like an LED display that gives you alerts about the water level. 

All these features ensure that buying a water purifier is a wise decision, one that will stand you in good stead. A healthy family is a happy family so invest in a water purifier for a healthy life.

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