How Poor Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Child’s Health

by Eureka Forbes Home Appliance Providers

Whenever we think of air pollution, we only think of air outside the sanctity of our homes. We think of polluted roads with congested traffic, factories and industrial areas where pollution is apparent in the smoke-filled air. However, we are not aware of the polluted air within our own homes.

Homes are considered our safe havens, a place where the children are safe from any form of danger. But sometimes, breathing in poor air quality within your home could be very damaging to your child’s health. These days, more and more children suffer from asthma and wheezing. Usually this is blamed on rising pollution levels the child is exposed to while going to school or other places. But, what about the quality of air inside your house? Especially if you live in a city like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, you must pay attention to the quality of air within your house.

While we do focus on proper ventilation to let in fresh air, we do not realise that more often than not, the air outside is polluted. When polluted air finds its way into our homes, then the inmates of the house breathe in that air for a long period of time. This can lead to a lot of health issues like asthma, wheezing and allergies etc.

Below are some of the effects of poor indoor air quality on kids health:

Allergy Symptoms: Children exposed to poor quality air are often victims of increased allergy symptoms like watery eyes, coughing or sneezing. If you find that your child coughs or sneezes a lot while at home, this could be an indication of poor quality air indoors. Most often, this is misdiagnosed as dust allergy and the symptom becomes persistent until it leads to asthma or other serious health risks.

Sinusitis: Sinus problems affect kids of all ages and this has become a common health concern for a number of children these days. Sinus problems can be aggravated by breathing in poor quality air and this easily treated problem could become more persistent that it is because of the poor quality air. Respiratory health effects are the most common result of poor indoor air quality.

Conjunctivitis and other eye problems: Poor quality air can also increase the chances of eye infections like conjunctivitis and watery eyes. This can disrupt your child’s routine and affect their studies as well.

Nausea, vomiting, anorexia: These are more severe effects of poor indoor air quality. If you live in a severely polluted area close to factories or industries, then this could be the result of long-term exposure to air pollutants at home. These effects can be misdiagnosed as being caused by other factors and therefore the real cause, which is the air quality at home, could go unchecked.

To avoid such health risks and ensure that your children are healthy and joyful, ensure that the indoor air quality is good and free of dangerous pollutants. Opt for vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to ensure your house is dust free. If you are planning to get air conditioning installed then also choose to invest in air purifiers. Do your research and choose the best air purifier in India. 

Air purifiers are compact and don’t consume too much energy. They can be placed in bedrooms or your child’s playroom. Choose an air purifier with HEPA filters as these are known to effectively filter out impurities in the air.

Poor indoor air quality can affect both adults and kids, but children are usually more sensitive to pollution. Ensure a safe and pollution free atmosphere at home by investing in air purifiers and let them breathe in fresh and healthy air.

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