Benefits of Having a Water Purifier in Home

by Eureka Forbes Home Appliance Providers

Pure and safe drinking water is a major concern for most of us, irrespective of where we live. Buying water purifiers for home use is a solution everyone must consider. However, before you decide to buy water purifier of your choice, you have to check out the various models. 

Reverse osmosis

One of the technologies used in water purifiers for home use is reverse osmosis or RO. The technology involves the use of a membrane wherein metals and salts are separated from water. Drinking water is thus made free of chemical and physical impurities. The taste of water is also sweeter. 

If you stay in a neighbourhood where the water supply is from a borewell, you should definitely buy water purifier with RO technology. Borewell water contains a lot of salts making it hard and not potable. Using RO will rid water of total dissolved solids (TDS). Total dissolved solids are composed of calcium, sodium, bicarbonates, sulphates and chlorides. 

UV and universal

You can also buy water purifier that uses UV technology, wherein UV rays are used to make water pure and safe. There are water purifiers for home use that employ both UV and RO technologies and are called universal water purifiers. 

Water purifiers for home use come with cartridges used for multiple reasons:

    Hybrid carbon chemo block or HCCB cartridge helps to remove excess organic pollutants, chlorine, colour and bad odours in the water. 

    Biotron cartridge helps in de-clustering water molecules and retaining nutrients, thereby making water healthy and tasty.

    There are also cartridges that retain key minerals like magnesium and calcium which are otherwise depleted by water purifiers of not-so-great quality. 

Some of the biggest benefits of drinking purified water include:

    Protection from many disease-causing micro-organisms in the water. Many times, untreated and unfiltered water contains bacteria that cause waterborne diseases like diarrhoea, cholera etc. Buy water purifier and protect yourself from these diseases.

    Elimination of toxins. Water that is not purified or treated could have harmful chemicals and effluents that pose a major health risk. When you get yourself a water purifier, you can be rest assured that there are no contaminants like pesticide or wastes from industries in the water. 

Water purifiers are easy to install and you don’t need to work manually to purify the water. If you don’t have a water purifier at home, you may have to boil and filter water frequently, which is cumbersome, difficult to store and time-consuming. A water purifier, on the other hand, saves time and precious fuel and is easier to handle, apart from being a very compact appliance.

What’s stopping you from buying a water purifier now that you know of all the advantages to it? Go ahead, get yourself one, and have a healthy life!


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