Hair Transplant For Men: A Comprehensive Guide

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant

The most demoralising thing that may happen to men or women is hair loss. Baldness is still viewed as a "huge taboo" in today's society and is sometimes considered to be terrible to confront. Although baldness can occur at any age, hair loss is typically thought to be an indication of ageing.

While it is true that those with bald heads appear younger than their actual age, this is not a symptom of ageing. Currently, with increased awareness of the importance of appearance and its connection to both social and professional life, men and women are equally concerned about how they appear.

Pattern baldness is more common in males

Male pattern baldness is a term that is more frequently used and more common than female pattern baldness. About 70% of men and 35% of women experience pattern baldness, which has led to a rise in the use of the phrase "male pattern baldness."

The reason why male pattern baldness occurs has a scientific basis. Androgenic alopecia is caused by genetic malfunction, which makes the DHT hormone, a by-product of testosterone, too sensitive to the hair follicles. As they contain the DHT hormone receptors, the frontal area and vertex area's DHT-sensitive hair follicles play a vital role in the process. These receptors are linked to the DHT hormone, which causes the hair follicle to thin out and shrink, finally resulting in hair loss.

Males are more prone than women to experience hair loss because they create more testosterone throughout their lives, which results in higher DHT hormone.

Choice of hair transplant in men

To achieve their dream of having a fresh head covered in thick, abundant hair, an increasing number of men are having male hair transplants performed today. Men make about 85% of the population who undergo this treatment. Hair transplants are not a new surgery; they have a long history dating back to the 1940s, when Japanese doctors began conducting them on troops who had suffered battle wounds to graft follicles onto their eyebrows and eyelashes in order to conceal the scars and hairless areas.

In the past, men were reluctant to seek therapy for hair loss because they felt it would have unfavourable effects. The fact that sophisticated treatments now deliver the best results quickly may be one of the reasons why more and more men are choosing to have male hair transplant.

There are two methods for removing grafts from the donor location, including:

1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation, or strip technique): It entails stripping off a thin section of the scalp, separating the follicular grafts under a magnifying glass, and implanting the grafts in the recipient area.

2. FUE (Follicular unit extraction): With a motorised or manual surgical tool, individual "follicular units" are extracted, and then the graft is implanted at the recipient site.

Over time, a FUT+FUE combo approach was developed with the added benefits of both procedures for the best outcomes. As more grafts could be acquired with this approach than with either procedure alone, it has made it possible to treat patients with greater bald areas. By using the combination technique, it is possible for a patient to have this operation repeated up to three times in the event that they experience future progressive hair loss or Norwood Class VII, which calls for additional sittings to cover the bald area.

The most effective hair loss treatment, known as a hair transplant, is to cover the scalp with new hairs or, if you're not satisfied with your present hairlines, to correct them. A less invasive surgical treatment called a hair transplant provides long-lasting, realistic-looking results.

The hair transplant cost in India is quite reasonable, and making this one-time investment in your happiness and regaining your confidence is well worth it.

The Medispa hair transplant clinics in Delhi and Jaipur were among the first to undertake hair transplants with extraordinarily realistic outcomes. We are renowned for having the largest and most skilled hair transplant team. One of the greatest hair transplant surgeons in India, Dr. Suneet Soni is well-known for his exceptional surgical abilities and amazing sense of aesthetics.

Visit Medispa clinics for the ultimate hair transplant experience if you are experiencing hair loss and want a flawless remedy.

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