Hair Removing during Umrah –Why is it Important?

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Cutting of the Hairs during Umrah

Hair Removing during Umrah. Holy Kaabah is the nucleus of Ummah, and the feeling of getting closer to the Lord of the Heavens is only attained while sitting close to its walls and talking to Allah swt. This satisfies the heart and soul of a believer and ignites the spiritual love for the Divine Creator. Other than Hajj, Umrah is another way of reuniting with Almighty Allah and purifying souls.

Amongst the many rituals of this supererogatory prayer; one of them is shaving hair after Umrah. Let’s get some insights about it.

Significance of Hair Removing

Umrah is also called ‘minor hajj' that can be performed at any time of year excluding five days of Hajj. This is a Sunnah act of worship which is very dear to Allah Almighty. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said as mentioned in the book of Ibn Maajah;

“The Pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah are delegation of Allah SWT. If they call upon him, He’ll answer them and if they seek forgiveness, He forgives them.”

What does a believer yearn more than forgiveness from Allah Almighty? Most of Islamic jurists and scholars are agreed upon this fact that shaving head is a preferred right of Umrah. This action has more reward than shaving head.

School of Thoughts

Now it is important to be crystal clear on the commandments of hair removing.

Many questions arise like do we need to shave complete head or shortening hair is also permissible. And in case of reducing how much length of hair must be cut. Let’s discuss how different schools of thought discuss this vital ritual of Umrah.

Do not Delay Head Shaving or Trimming

First of all, it is vital to perform head shaving or trimming ritual right after completion of Umrah. If a person delays shaving or trimming of head hair, then he should perform the sacrifice on the report of Maliki and Hanafi scholars.

Fingertip length in Trimming

In case of trimming head hair, the Sunnah is to cut at least fingertip length of all hair. The top part of the finger until the bending section is the perfect size for the hair length one must trim. Practically you must not worry about cutting length as barbers in Haram are well aware of their job.

Trimming for Women

Ladies are advised to trim their hair only as shaving is not allowed to them.

The basic purpose of the rituals of Umrah is to attain refurbishment of mind and expiation of sins which is only achieved if this beautiful form of worship is performed in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The leader of Ummah shaved his entire head in Umrah and prayed to Allah swt for those who did the same thrice and prayed only once for those who trim their hair.

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