Hair Loss in Women & Hair Transplants

by Ankur S. Technical Writer

The hair loss problem in women is a major concerning aspect as it affects ones’ looks and personality. Usually, in case of female, it may arise due to the conditional issue such as childbirth, pregnancy, thyroid disorder, or the nutrient deficiency, but the prime factor is associated with genes that are transferred from one generation to the next via the genes and hormones. However, the pattern baldness is common with the female also like men and the treatment of hair transplants are all recommended to sort out the issue aesthetically effective. The hair transplant cost in Delhi gives the option of choice to choose the surgeon and the clinic rated on the performance measure scale and in this way one can find the best one at the affordable cost. The procedure of hair transplant in women is a bit different from the male due to the different hairline design and one should have an extreme artistic sense towards meeting the best aesthetic goal of the surgery.

First and foremost, we will enlighten the cause of hair Loss in Females as described below: -

1.   The Genetic Factor: The genetically caused hair loss is scientifically known as the Androgenic alopecia that is hereditarily transferred from parent to their offspring. The genes which are responsible for causing the case combined with the DHT hormone, a catalytic form of the Androgen hormone with the addition of the 5-alpha-reductase and a severe hair loss is experienced. Apart from the male pattern baldness characteristics, the female pattern hair loss is identified with the severe hair thinning and the wider mind-crown area, except the total baldness. This is a key point must keep in mind from the part of the surgeon that women need a different hairline design, however, the artistry in the surgery weighs a prime attention.

2.   Traction Alopecia: Traction alopecia is a type of alopecia which is more common in females as the causative factor is pulling force being applied to the hair. The wearing of tight ponytail, pigtails, or braids caused pressure and hair loss experienced. The Traction alopecia  is generally seen in the long-haired females who use clips or barrettes to style hair that subsequently causes hair loss. It is reported in more common in African women. The other factor that causes Traction alopecia includes hairstyle, headgear, and chemicals.

3.   Hair Loss Due to Trauma: Hair loss in women mainly occurs due to trauma which may include burn, accidental scars, chemical burns, psychological stress or distress. The hair loss occurs spontaneously and can be treated with the medication or the hair transplants. It is recommended to perform hair transplant surgery for the burnt patient who experiences the burns or scarring in the hair growth areas of the body. The procedure of hair transplant is an only way to get back the natural looks and beauty.

 The Hair Transplant Procedure in Women:

The hair transplant surgery in women is all advisable if the loss affects the natural looks and beauty. The procedural step of restoration in women is all same as that of men, except the hairline designing part. The female hairline is different in comparison to male and needs prime attention towards each angle and direction to put the best aesthetic design for the frontal part.

Which women are eligible candidates for the Hair Transplants?

1. Women who have suffered hair loss due to genetic baldness or the Androgenic Alopecia

2. Women who experience the Traction Alopecia

3. Women who had previous chemotherapy and experienced an extensive hair loss

4. Women who have a wider forehead and needs a dense look can receive the hair transplant procedure

5. Women who experience hair loss due to the trauma of burnt scalp or chemical burn can go for the hair restoration surgery.

Denouement: On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant has the same value, appeal, and demand for women likewise men, but the condition may be different and the method applied to the procedure has a greater decisive role in giving the best aesthetic outcome of the procedure.

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