Guide to Unlock The Intrinsic Hand Held Thorn Cannon for Destiny 2 Fans

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With week two of the new season, Destiny gamers are busy accomplishing the current ongoing Annual Pass quests and challenges.  Players are thrilled to experience the latest Allegiance quest which is the part of the continuing new season of the Drifter.

Still, the Thorn quest is somewhat not linked to the ongoing quest but requires players to burn through some hefty long sittings. To accomplish the Thorn quest player will be needed to advance through by dealing Kills to guardians at Crumbling with Void Cannon.

Little easy it seems,! Well, it is not so, as this quest requires players to put in a lot many hours and long sittings to eliminate all the guardians. But on the other hand, this challenge is not time-centric as the previous Thunderlord quest was.

So if players are determined to complete this most infamous but ultimate satisfactory quest in the history of Destiny 2, then players can go through the tips given below to complete the Thorn quest and unlock this intrinsic handheld.

Locate the Quest Starting Trigger

To be honest, players may play the whole damn game for multiple times and still fail to locate the Trigger which would initiate the Thorn quest.  An entirely new article could be dedicated to elaborate the run-through to spot this Trigger as it could nowhere be found while completing Allegiance quests or any other mode.

Still, in a nutshell, gamers will have to head straight to the Salt Mines which is situated at the European Dead Zone (EDZ) and from there use the Fallen Teleporter. After doing so, players will have to climb up the Hill Top and locate a Secret camp where they could spot the ashes of a recently burned Campfire.

Players will have to dig this exact location where a smoldering wreck of Thorn would be buried which many fans believe Shin Malphur tried to melt off. 

Gather The Essence 

The second step in the Thorn quest requires players to collect three leftover items. It would be quite amusing for those fans who have been following the Destiny title since its initial days.

As in Destiny 1 players were awarded with various precious leftovers after eliminating the various character, similar to this players will have to collect the essence of Warlock by eliminating them. 

The title allows players to collect up to 50 essences with a different set of quests so a player can use the tricks mentioned below to secure the required essence in the game.

  • Had to Crucible and kill the Warlocks.
  • Complete Nightfall attacks.
  • Complete the assigned bounties from Ashen Mir at IO.

Ashen character provides players with three new bounty quest each day, which rewards five essences for every completed bounty. On the other hand, Nightfalls will reward 15 Essence, and by killing the Warlocks at Crucible, the remaining Essence could be achieved.

 Gather Steel

To find and gather the Plasteel plating ingredients for the Titan armor players will have to go through the following quests and complete them. These tasks are somewhat similar to Essence challenges, so you can refer to the below mentioned tips and complete the assigned tasks.

  • Eliminate the Titans at Crucible.
  • Complete the assigned bounties at the Sloan at Titan.
  • Attempt and win Blind Well challenge.

Each Blind Well challenge provides players with 10 Plasteel each so you may take part in multiple challenges at the same time and try to gather the sufficient amount of Plasteel to finish this quest. Interestingly millions of players are already playing this mode so it would be quite easy to begin playing this mode with plenty of players available online.

Collecting Binding Item

 Yes, it is exactly what you think it is! A player is required to obtain the Sapphire Wire, which could be used as a binding agent for your collected Hunter material. Below is the list of tasks which players can complete and receive the required Sapphire Wire.

  • Eliminate the Hunters at the Crucible.
  • Complete the bounties assigned by Ana Bary at the Mars.
  • Participate and win the Escalation Protocol Waves.

This challenge is pretty much the same as the Blind Well step, and players will quickly find various other players online who are also looking forward to playing this mode.

To be honest, this mode is one of the best in-game features which would allow players to experience entertaining and exciting gameplay. Moreover, gamers will be awarded with 5 Binders each time they win, so to complete the required number of tying players can play this mode for multiple time.

There are three more steps to go forward from here. One includes players to use a different handheld weapon like Cannon, Void and kill the enemies by using it. Moreover, the next step forward to the destination of Thorn challenge requires players to “Go To The Farm, Yes Exactly That Only!”

And the last task in the series to achieve the Thorn is to defeat the Hive strike mode. The Chasm of Screams is a much more tougher variant to the Iron with the Savathun’s Song. Moreover, it will require players to defeat some Knight Bosses at the door fronts of the final Battle area.

Hopefully, players will be able to go through all the steps mentioned above and come out in a sound condition as a charming thorn would be awaiting you which would be with you forever in the Destiny 2 title.


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