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Statistics show that almost 4 out of 10 Cancer affected patients have some or the other type of Radiotherapy as a crucial part of their treatment. Radiotherapy plays a very significant role in curing Cancer, as it destroys the Cancer cells by attacking them with radiation and stopping their further growth. Brachytherapy, also known as Internal Radiation Therapy is a type of Radiotherapy, which is implemented during treatment of various types of Cancer; commonly used as an successful treatment for cervical, prostate, breast, and skin cancer and can also be used to cure tumours in many other body sites.

In Brachytherapy, a high dose of radiation is used for a smaller area, which might not be possible through external radiation. This procedure uses a source of radiation that is mostly sealed in a small implant like pellets, capsules, needles, seeds and many others forms. Irrespective of which types of implant in used, it is placed in the patient’s body near or inside the tumour. This prevents the normal cells to get affected by radiation.

Brachytherapy Treatment for Rectal Cancer

Many doctors today prefer giving radiation therapy than surgery because radiation makes it easier to cure the tumour, particularly if the size or the location of the tumour makes surgery complicated. Also, to help those people with Rectal Cancer, who won’t be able to withstand surgery and those, who have advanced Cancer with symptoms like intestinal blockages or bleeding.

  • In Brachytherapy to cure Rectal Cancer, a radioactive implant is placed inside the patient’s rectum close to or inside the tumour. This can be in two ways:
  • Endocavitary Radiation Therapy: A small device is positioned through the anus into the rectum so that high intensity radiation can be delivered.
  • Interstitial Brachytherapy: In this, a tube is placed in the rectum, directly into the cancerous tumour. Then, small radioactive pellets are put through the tube to reach and attack the tumour.

What is cost of Brachytherapy Treatment for Rectal Cancer in India?

India is extremely well known for offering low cost treatment to globally located patients. Although Cancer can be financially very burdening, it is still very economical in India; the same applies for Brachytherapy treatment for Rectal Cancer in India. The medical tourists can easily save a lot of money and enjoy huge price differences.

Success rate of Brachytherapy Treatment for Rectal Cancer in India

Indian hospitals ensure very long term benefits and high success rates, with the best of treatment amenities and also due to the most progressive Cancer treatment. Studies show that Brachytherapy in India has helped the Cancer patients with a new lease of life and by successfully curbing the further growth of the Cancer cells.

Best Brachytherapy Treatment Centre for Rectal Cancer in India

In the matter of Cancer hospitals, India is extremely blessed and is home to some of the world’s most recognized hospitals, offering the best Brachytherapy treatment for Rectal Cancer in India. Some of the most recognized hospitals providing a range of Cancer cure are Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Hospitals, Jaslok Hospitals and many other such centers of excellence. These centers have the most adept Oncologists who are extremely capable of choosing the right course of action required for curing any type of Cancer.

Why most of International Patients Choose Brachytherapy Treatment in India?

Looking at India’s rapidly growing fame as a medical tourism destination, it is very easy for the medical tourists to choose to avail Brachytherapy treatment for Rectal Cancer in India. There are some of the best Cancer hospitals in India, which offer Cancer cure as an extremely matured specialty. These hospitals have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and latest Cancer cure techniques are used by the Cancer surgeons very proficiently and successfully. Further, the hospitals in India are ensuring that these patients are cured completely of Cancer and that their quality of life is improved. 

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