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by Ankita Mathur Medical Consultant

Overview : Blood Cancer

Before talking about the blood cancer cost, we need to understand about this kind of ailment. The blood cancer is also called as Leukemia and is among the most dreaded disease one can have that directly attacks the proper functioning of infection fighting cells found in our body. It starts with immature cells found in the bone marrow found in the main cavities of bones. The bone marrow simply produces all kinds of blood cells including the red one which carries the oxygen to different body parts, whereas the white blood cells are also hampered with that is known to fight the infection inside our body along with having the platelets that help the blood clot. But thanks to the effective treatment methods, the blood cancer can be fixed. Indian hospitals offer the best of the quality healthcare services with the low Blood Cancer cost, how about checking the same as under:

Treatment Options for Blood Cancer

There are different treatment types of for Leukemia and hence the kind of treatment you choose will depend upon the type of the ailment you have. This will also further decide upon the Blood Cancer cost. Now, looking at the number of treatment available for the treatment of blood cancer, there are several types, some of these are as under:

Biological Therapy: This deals with treatment with a number of substances, which hamper the immune system in response to the type of cancer. The interferon, which is a kind of drug that is used of blood cancer, which is a kind of treatment option boosting up the immune system that is meant to combat cancer with the help of leukemia cells.

Chemotherapy: It is offered in cycles, which is a treatment phase followed by the recovery phase and then given the other treatment phase and so on. The chemotherapy simply destroys the cancer cells along with stopping them by multiplying. Some of the healthy cells are seen getting destroyed as well that are seen causing the side effects along with giving the normal cells to repair after the treatment.

Radiation Therapy: This treatment is employed to take care of the blood cancer, which deals with fixing the central nervous system or the testicles along with fixing the pain that is caused due to bone destruction. But with the radiation not the often the system caused fixing the leukemia.

Bone Marrow Transplants: This is among the common treatment option, which is considered to be the best bet treatment option for the cases of blood cancer. In this surgical procedure, the doctors are seen carrying out the surgical procedure when leukemia is seen getting with the remission or when the the global patient is seen relapsing while going for the treatment.  The patients are seen given the bone marrow transplant, which can further give you their body along with the higher doses of chemotherapy drugs, which is not  being tolerated otherwise. The procedure called the Chemotherapy who are seen destroying the normal cells inside the bone marrow, which in turn help in making the bone marrow transplant the best to make up for the destruction of normal cells.

What is the Cost of Blood Cancer Treatment in India?

If you talk about the Blood Cancer cost, it depends upon a number of things. But in India it is yet considered to be very much affordable when you compare with the cost of the same in countries like the US or the UK. The cost comparison for the procedures like the blood cancer treatment, which even when you add the travel and stay cost yet the Blood Cancer cost for treatment comes out to be very much affordable. That has been the specialty of healthcare services in India. However, the quality of the surgery often seem to be very much affordable, which are hard to find out at any other place. 

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