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Medical errors happen when something that was planned doesn’t work out, or when the wrong plan was used in the first place. Diagnostic Errors are one of the leading causes of medical errors. In India, however, due to lack of coordinated care doctors also don’t understand how to get an oncology consultation for cancer diagnosis even though they might need it. To prove this point, there are a high number of cases, even high-profile celebrity cancer patients who have suffered due to diagnostic medical errors in India, that come to light in media.

Many patients feel hesitant to seek a second opinion. In India, there is no structured way or guidance by the treating doctors or hospital to arrange for a diagnostic second opinion or cancer consultation. Other patients may be confused as to how to get a cancer second opinion or are not even aware that they have that right to a second opinion. However, even before the treatment begins, getting a second opinion from doctor is an essential and necessary component of proper cancer treatment planning. 

A complete change of diagnosis (someone received a 'diagnosis of cancer' but does not actually have cancer, or someone has cancer but was told no cancer was present); That’s why it’s important to seek a second opinion before beginning cancer treatment, to ensure that the diagnosis is correct and that treatment options are appropriate.

Almost nothing in the world of cancer care requires that kind of immediacy, except patients with acute leukemia cases in which a tumor is compressing a vital structure, such as the heart or large blood vessels or certain other rare conditions If your physician is pressuring you to do something immediately because there’s no time to waste, that isn’t a good approach.

Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed visceral cancer of men that affects thousands of men each year who are middle-aged or older. Prostate cancer is the malignancy of prostate cells growing out of control in prostate gland, a small walnut-sized gland present only in men, found in the pelvis below the bladder and in front of the rectum. You may be asking yourself if there were warning signs or symptoms you should have noticed earlier. Some populations should take potential prostate cancer symptoms more seriously, because they’re at higher risk for the disease.  PSA test has been called one of the most important screening tests for the early detection of Prostate cancer. Research studies shows that PSA screening has a relatively small benefit in reducing deaths from prostate cancer; for every 1000 men who have the PSA test, only about 1-2 men (0.1%-0.2%) will be prevented from dying of prostate cancer. 

According to the World Health Organization, Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in women and has become the leading cause of mortality amongst women globally. If there is breast lump or other suspicious symptoms, and if other tests such as ultrasound/mammogram show that you may have breast cancer, you will probably need to have a biopsy. There are different kinds of breast biopsies. Some use a thin needle (FNAB, suction), and some use an incision (cut in the skin). Each has pros and cons.


PathSOS 'Breast Pathologists'  have specialist experience in breast pathology and give accurate results for breast cancer hormone receptor status that helps oncologists make appropriate therapy decisions.  Sometimes labs may not perform the tests accurately and this can jeopardize treatment selection.


All breast cancer patients who have been diagnosed should make sure that they have accurate hormone receptor status report on their breast biopsy before commencing treatment.

·         Hormone receptor-positive(estrogen receptor-positive/progesterone receptor-positive) tumors express (have a lot of) hormone receptors are are labeled as ER+, PR+ .

·         Hormone receptor-negative(estrogen receptor-negative/progesterone receptor-negative) tumors do not express (have few or no) hormone receptors and are labeled as ER-, PR-.

We are one of the best "breast cancer diagnosis" specialists or 'breast cancer doctors, in India. 

Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer among women. Developing countries account for 85% of the cervical cancer burden. The distribution, incidence, and prevalence of carcinoma cervix depend upon the economic status, sexual habits, and availability of medical screening-treatment facilities. Screening for cervical cancer was originally started by Papanicolaou in 1943 after the publication of the book 'Diagnosis of uterine cancer'. Role of HPV testing has become well established today. HPV testing alone is of no value in the general population

Distinguishing between the sub-types of cancer and choosing treatment options accordingly, means a patient with a more aggressive disease should be offered more aggressive therapy, while the one with a lower risk of recurrence may want to avoid the expense and significant side effects of a treatment that is probably not needed.

Treatments are constantly getting better, and it is important to find someone who has experience with your type of cancer. During this time, getting a medical second opinion may be an essential and necessary component of treating one’s diagnosis. PathSOS's cancer diagnosis second opinion will use the latest available knowledge to confirm the diagnosis.

Cancer Immunotherapy has emerged as a painless cancer treatment.

The online cancer consultation in India is also present now. Simply contact us and get cancer second opinion by our "online cancer doctor". Get PEACE OF MIND, through our biopsy review process by international oncologists.

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