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What is a nose surgery?

A nose surgery or a rhinoplasty enhances the features of the nose and its proportions by the means of a surgical procedure. It can be for completely cosmetic and aesthetic reasons to improve the appearance, symmetry and look of the nose or can also be for medical reasons such as to correct birth defects, disfigurement from injuries or trauma and to correct breathing defects.

Best countries for Rhinoplasty

Korea is extremely famous for plastic surgeries, and in specific, for rhinoplasty. Nose surgery in Korea is so common in Korea that they aren’t viewed as taboo or shocking. There is also plenty of plastic surgery tourism in South Korea making it the center for rhinoplasties in the world. Other countries where rhinoplasty is common and done expertly are Brazil, Thailand, and Poland. However, with the expertise of the plastic surgeons in Korea, their state of the art facilities and extensive experience, it is the ideal destination if you are considering a nose job. Korean medical and safety standards are also extremely strenuous ensuring that the patients remain in good hands and in good care.

How does a nose surgery work?

A rhinoplasty is usually done by first administering a general anesthesia and then a local anesthesia to ensure a painless procedure for the patient. The procedure itself involves making incisions the nostrils, across the base of the nose and reshaping the inner bones or the cartilage.

Pros and Cons of a nose job

Undoubtedly, rhinoplasty before and after can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of an individual. It can drastically alter and improve the appearance of an individual and change the entire aesthetic of the face. However, there are certain points to remember before going under the knife. The advantages of a rhinoplasty are that it can bring symmetry to the face, improve the aesthetic and bring facial balance caused by disproportionate features. If done for medical reasons, it can improve breathing, reduce nasal congestions and provide considerable relief to people with nasal problems.

For those who are not confident about their appearance because of their nose or who have faced trauma to their noses due to injury, a rhinoplasty can provide the right amount of confidence and boost self-esteem. When one does not have to live with their flaws and can choose to look the way they wish to, it significantly boosts their self-image.

However, it is also important to remember that a plastic surgeon cannot recreate the exact look that you are seeking based on the image of a celebrity, or someone’s nose you really like. Patients must remember that physical limitations like thick skin play a major role in the rate of effectiveness of a rhinoplasty. Similarly, it should also be remembered that the entire contour and structure of the nose cannot be changed at once and a single surgery cannot dramatically alter the composition of the nose. However, with realistic expectations, a rhinoplasty can do wonders for a person’s appearance and aesthetic.

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