How to Find The Best Spearfishing Suit?

by Eva Taylor Consultant
Before we elaborate the definition of a spearfishing wetsuit, let us know what is meant by the word ‘spearfishing’. The term spearfishing refers to a method of fishing using spears. Since ages unknown, this technique of catching fish has been prevalent worldwide. The costume worn to stay relaxed and warm while spearfishing is known as spearfishing suit. 

Key Aspects of a Wetsuit

  • Wetsuits act as an insulator against the cold water, thus keeping the divers warm.
  • A good wetsuit fits like a glove to a diver’s body. However, it doesn’t imply that such snug fit can prove to be discomforting for the swimmers. In fact, even with such tailor-made wetsuit, the diver is able to breathe and move his hands and legs freely.
  • You’d be taken aback to know that wetsuit also has got features to shield you from sunburn.
  • Another pivotal function of a wetsuit is that its veiled jacket and neoprene trousers perfectly coalesce with the underwater vista, thereby evading the attention of your prey!

Different Kinds of Wetsuits

A whole-body wetsuit generally falls into three categories. They are:

1. The Swimsuit

A swimsuit is basically a single suit sans a hood. This kind of wetsuit came into prominence from swimming, surfing, and triathlons.

2. Two-piece Wetsuit

Employed for spearfishing purposes, this type of wetsuit usually comes with a hood. 

3. Wetsuit for Scuba-diving

Exclusively formulated for scuba-divers, the attributes of this wetsuit are as follows:

  • It is baggy and loosely-fitted.
  • Its zip fasteners ooze water.
  • Comes in diverse emblems and lurid hues.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Spearfishing Suit

Even though the requirement of spearfishing wetsuits doesn’t emerge in every situation, nonetheless, they deserve an important place in that equipment gear of yours. As discussed in the beginning of this write-up, wetsuits offer various advantages to free divers, swimmers, and scuba divers. From shielding the swimmers from harsh sunlight to keeping them warm in the ice-cold water, the purposes served by these wetsuits are aplenty. However, there’re several vital factors that need to be considered before simply plunging on to purchase a spearfishing suit. What are they? Read on.


1. Type of Material

Lycra – Usually known as ‘skins’, Lycra’s features are comparatively less impressive than the open cell ones. These wetsuits come with a negligible coating of protection. Hence, the amount of safeguarding the divers from stinging animals and from severe sunlight is also insignificant.

Closed cell neoprene – Amongst the three varieties of materials, closed cell is the most commonplace. These spearfishing wetsuits can be effortlessly recognized by their rubbery and taut features. Other features that determine its quality are that it makes breathing and your movements extremely difficult owing to its constrictive aspect. It’s quite a task to wear this suit and again remove it. It’s poor at protecting you from the cold and heat.

Open cell neoprene – This is perhaps the best and supreme quality material when it comes to choosing a spearfishing suit based on the material. From keeping the divers warm in the cold underwater to be non-abrasive, open cell wetsuits do its job quite efficiently and effectively. However, in terms of cost, these can give you a pinch in your pocket. But nonetheless, given such an array of positive attributes, open cell wetsuits are worth a buy.

2. Color of the Wetsuit

The wetsuits are accessible in a variety of hues ranging from green and brown, to blue. The color of the spearfishing suit helps to completely blend in with the diver’s surrounding. Suppose, the water is blue, then the spear fisher should go for a blue wetsuit to take advantage of the situation and thus, hunt his prey efficiently.

3. Other Vital factors

Thickness is a key factor while purchasing a suit. If the water and locale is extremely cold, it’s obvious that you’d require a wetsuit of thicker density. If not, then it can result in a nightmarish experience with you shivering under the water! Also, make sure that the costume is tightly-fitted to your body. However, tight-fitting doesn’t mean that it would in any way impede the movements of the diver. At the same time, it shouldn’t be also oversized enough for the water to percolate through the suit. 
Thus, whether you’re a novice in spear fishing, or a pro who’s on the quest for a brand-new spearfishing suit to replace the old one, it is highly advisable to embed the above points in your mind before setting out to purchase a wetsuit.

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