Five Tips to Ensure a Blissful Sleep During Winters

by Akash Sharma Akash Sharma

It is that time of the year, when all we want to do is get into a warm quilt and stay cosy in our beds. While animals have the perfect solution for this season – going into hibernation, us human beings don’t have it so easy. All of us just want to get a good night’s sleep and think it is the perfect season to do so; unfortunately, it becomes more difficult to sleep than we imagine. This is because when seasons change, our bodies get impacted in more ways than we realise. The low temperatures during the winter months make our circadian rhythms go off track and tend to impact our sleeping pattern.

While some tips to sleep blissfully involve a little more effort from our end, some include buying the best pillows in India and hotel like mattresses. India has many brands like Sleepwell whose sleeping products are exemplary and guarantee a good night’s sleep, regardless of the season.

Here are five tips to ensure a blissful sleep during winters:

Stay Active

While this season may bring out the lazy bum in everyone, and one may feel lethargic at all times, on the contrary it is advisable to stay active. Don’t expect the cold and gloomy weather to help you in this aspect.  You need to stay motivated and exercise not only to sleep faster but also to get a longer and deeper sleep at night. Getting a regular workout during winters will also support your sleep and wake-up cycle.

Avoid Screen Time Before Bedtime

Winters appear to be the ideal time to curl up with a heavy blanket, get some hot chocolate or warm desserts and binge watch TV shows before bedtime. It is best to not make this a habit, despite how tempting it sounds during this season. Electronic devices emit a blue light that hinders melatonin production in the body – melatonin is what controls the sleep cycle. Don’t stare at your phone or watch TV a few hours before you decide to go to sleep.

Stay Warm and Protected from The Cold

If you are able to regulate your body temperature while sleeping, your sleep quality will be unmatched. Wear a night suit that is thick and keeps you warm. Take a snug blanket or comforter and put on socks, to make sure you remain cosy while you sleep uninterrupted.

Take Utmost Care of Your Health

A persistent cough, blocked nose or runny nose can actually keep you up all night. Take necessary precautions during this season to stay fit and ensure a good sleep quality. Follow basic hygiene practices like washing hands regularly, having warm water, consuming drinks like chamomile tea, honey lemon ginger tea and try to avoid the flu.

Get Good Mattress to Sleep Well

Investing in a comfortable mattress such as Sleepwell’ s mattresses benefit your health unknowingly. When your mattress is snug and cosy, you get a restful sleep, which reduces cortisol or stress hormones. This enhances melatonin that offers more energy through the day.

A bad mattress is the biggest hindrance to a good night’s sleep and mattress brands like Sleepwell offer an easy solution for that. With their premium sleep products such as some of the best pillows in India and plush hotel like mattresses, India’s winter season can be easily tackled.

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