4 Car Care Tips For The Winters

by Lary Cook Sales Manager

Winter is here and it’s here with chilly nights, snowy days, and hot cups of coffee.

It is the best time of the year as we witness new year in the same season.

However, it is the worst time for car maintenance.

What makes the matter worse is snowfall. People living in snow-cladded cities have to deal with car problems every winter.

If you are one of these people, you needn’t worry about such issues anymore. The professionals at A&G Customs are here to help you with tips on how to tend to your car this winter.

4 Important Winter Car Care Tips You Need To Know

1. The Right Tires

During winter, roads and sidewalks are bound to be snow-cladded.

Driving on such roads can be a risky task, especially with the usual tires on.

Thus, it is always advisable to use special winter tires and doing so is the first step to preparing your car for the cold season.

Simply replacing your old tires with winter tires can make a huge difference in your driving performance on those icy roads.

It’ll keep you safe and skid-free, thus reducing your susceptibility to road accidents.

This is why selecting the right car tires is such a major aspect of car care in winters.

You should also ensure that your tires are frequently checked for any irregularities and keeping them well inflated is something you shouldn’t ignore as a responsible car owner.

2. Wash Your Car in Winter

As minor as this may seem, it is an important aspect of winter car care.

If you live in cities like Doylestown, then you probably are familiar with the fact that your roads are salted in winters.

This is done to further reduce the freezing point of melted ice.

Your car will inevitably get salted, slushy, and icy while driving through the snowfall.

Thus, washing your car is significant during winter days.

You may feel rather unmotivated to get out and wash your car on those cold nights, however, doing so will save your car of future damage and your pocket of unfortunate loss.    

Remember, if you think you cannot wash your car for any reason, just bring it to the experts at AG Customs.

They’ll give it a good wash as well as wax your car to prevent the build up of rust.

3. Check Your Heaters

You wouldn’t want to commute in a cold car during winter, would you?

When it’s cold outside, you turn up the heat inside your home because there’s no better way to escape the cold.

That said, you shouldn’t compromise yourself while driving. Use those heaters to save yourself from the biting cold.

It is thus, essential for you to check your heaters before winter sets in. This is one among the major winter car care tips you shouldn’t ignore.

Heaters also come with defrosting mechanism on the windshield, which you should get checked way in advance for a clear and safe view on the roads.

4. Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle

Roads can be unpredictable during the winters, especially if other cars on the road do not have winter tires.

The chances of skidding while speeding is high and this may result in a major car crash.  

Whether you are prey to such unfortunate events or not, having an emergency kit at hand always helps.

We hope nothing as terrible as this happens to you, but we urge you to be prepared to face any adversity.

Your kit should ideally include a blanket, flashlight, non-perishable food items, water, jumper cables, shovel, and sand or salt.

Furthermore, if you’re heading for a long winter drive, be sure to have your phone charged in advance to call for any help at any moment you require.

Final Note

If you’re having any trouble with your car, simple drop in at AG Customs, the best Doylestown auto repair you could ever ask for.

Our aim is to ensure that your mind is at ease while driving in the winters or any other season. Our seasonal repair services will save you time and money, we guarantee!

Just call us on 215 669 3072 to have your car winter-ready today!

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