Finding The Best Student Accommodation

by Chetan Sharma SEO Expert

Many students go to larger cities or even other nations to study further. So, they should find the best accommodation. They should live comfortably and the atmosphere should be conducive for studying. So, they can find the best student accommodation. The students usually seek a rented home or room for accommodation. They should consider certain factors to find the best accommodation such as budgetary factors, environment, security, study place etc. The students should search for an accommodation soon after they secure admission in any college or university. They should choose a home that is best suited for their requirements. The international students should preferably choose on-campus accommodation. The students should live in such a place conducive for studying. The students should be able to study well.


It is a well-furnished and posh independent room that is suited for students. It is a spacious room that contains a kitchenette, bedroom and a bathroom. The studio apartment is usually self-contained and the students can enjoy all the facilities in a single room. The students can live alone or with their friends. The rent for studio differs according to different factors such as size, locality, furnishings etc. The kitchenette is simply divided with a counter or a wall. The studio apartment also known as studio flat is an apartment with a single room. Usually the room does not have any divisions or it may have a small separate division. The kitchen facility is usually located in the central room or in a small separate area. Usually, only one person can live in this room. They can live comfortably and also study with great interest in such places.


Ensuite is a single room with a toilet that does not contain kitchenette. It is a single bedroom and a study desk attached with a bathroom. It is a bathroom that adjoins a bedroom forming the same room. It also contains a shower bath and a posh room with a dorm style. An ensuite is usually much larger than a single room with a living area and also includes a dining area. The two piece ensuite is a room with two fixtures of plumbing. It contains a sink and a toilet also. The students can live comfortably in an ensuite and they usually live alone. It is a conductive place for studying.

On-campus accommodation

Many students prefer to live in the university campus as they can easily reach their university on time. The international students usually should find accommodation in campuses. They live in student dormitories or rented quarters that are generally offered to tourists. They are usually offered to the students by a university or a college. They can also live during the non-academic period of the year. The students can live together with many other students. It is ideal for freshmen because they are sharing their problems and interests with their friends. The students usually live in the same dormitories and your child is living with the other first-year students.

Private hall of residence

It is a hall that is offered by the real estate owners or sometimes by the charitable trusts. These halls are not owned by universities and the students who do not find any accommodation usually live in the University halls. It is a high-quality room located in a large building. This building consists of many units and a person lives in these halls. The large building also offers several ensuites and studios. They are large building and the students can live in a friendly locality. They can stay alone in the room and also maintain contacts with the other students living in the other rooms. Such buildings are usually located in the central area.

Shared apartments

The students usually live in apartments and they should pay higher rent. The apartment usually contains three or more rooms. So, if a student is living alone, they should pay the rent individually which is higher. So, they should live in shared apartments so that they can share their rent. The students can live comfortably and also interact with each other. So they can study together, discuss their problems and clear their doubts. They can spend time together and lead a social life.  

Shared en-suite

Usually, an en-suite is a well-furnished room available along with a toilet. It is expensive than the other rooms. The students cannot afford to pay such rents individually. So, they should live with their friends and they can share their rent. So, a shared en-suite is a type of posh room that is shared by two or more students. The shared en-suites may have communal toilets also. The shower is usually located near the room to share it with the other rooms. It usually contains a private toilet and shower facilities. In terms of lease, the students can find many flexible options. It contains 3 unit’s apartment or more and can accommodate more than 6 people and sometimes 2 people can live in the unit.

Dual-occupancy ratio

The couples live together in a room or a home known as dual-occupancy ratio. They can live together in a studio also and lead a comfortable life. If both the couples are studying together, they can live in a room comfortably.

When a student lives in a different place to study, they should find the best student accommodation. They should consider different factors to find the best accommodation. The students should be able to study comfortably in a room, and yet find the conveniences. The room or the home should be located near the ATM, market place or bus-stops etc. A student living in a different place should be able to buy their essentials and money whenever they need. So, they should find a suitable locality so that they can get whatever they require. The place should be secure and the students should not encounter any miscreants. They should find an ideal place to study also. The students should be able to focus in their studies. So, they should consider these factors seeking for an accommodation. 

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