E-commerce Trends for 2021 That You Should Be Aware Of

by Chetan Sharma SEO Expert

The global coronavirus outbreak has brought the importance of consumer internet use, as well as e-Commerce trends, to the forefront of people's minds. When confronted with technological transformation, customers and business leaders are increasingly reliant on digital platforms for conducting business.

Customers were compelled to go online as a result of retail closures, travel restrictions, and lockdowns occurring all across the world. Although eCommerce has already risen at an average annual pace of 15 per cent, it is expected to have increased by more than double that rate by the year 2020.

UNCTAD estimates that when the coronavirus outbreak began in 2020, eCommerce experienced a tenfold increase, The online retail sales increasing by three percentage points from 16 per cent to 19 per cent of overall retail sales. Some key trends, which might also help enterprises better compete against industry brands and marketplaces. You can also simultaneously invest in a deeper, more personalized consumer experience with such trends. Here are some eCommerce trends to keep an eye out for:-

Mobile shopping will continue to be the dominant mode of shopping.

The smartphone business has undergone explosive growth in recent years. The sale of cellphones has climbed by 15% in the first half of this year. It is predicted that by 2021, mobile phones will account for 73% of all retail sales (Statista, 2019). Improving a company's mobile client happiness can have a significant impact on its bottom line.

The increased use of mobile smartphones has supported the expansion of e-commerce. People shop online and use their mobile devices to research and learn about products before making a purchase. Customers will feel more at ease than they have in the past when shopping on their phones as their confidence in online shopping continues to increase.


When it comes to customization, it's all about making your customers feel appreciated rather than overwhelmed with information. When addressing your customer, use their first and last names. You can use recommender systems based on demographics or previous purchases might help you improve your users' overall experience. Concentrate on offering them as much information, and as many exclusive discounts as you possibly can. Field insertion can be used to personalize your eCommerce email marketing campaigns. Include the customer's name automatically in the subject line as well as in the opening welcome. Though simple, it has the potential to increase open rates by 20% and sales by 31% when implemented correctly.

Coca Cola's marketing strategy

It all started in Australia with Coca-"Share Cola's a Coke" promotion, which was then expanded to include the United States in 2014. In order to target millennials, every bottle had one of the most prevalent first names associated with that demographic on the label. According to the insider, Coca-Cola would eventually put names on bottles, such as Garcia and Thompson, to distinguish them from others. The use of last names allows the marketing to reach a larger number of potential customers.

It was a wise decision to have first names printed on Coke bottles. For the first time in nearly four years, overall sales in the United States increased as a result of this development. It also provides a low-cost delight and encourages individuals to try something different.


Several businesses have embraced simplicity, which has allowed them to concentrate on enhancing their product offerings instead. Choice overloading, the idea that having too many options makes decision-making increasingly difficult and unsatisfying, is also alleviated, which may be a comfort for customers.

Companies that have concentrated their efforts on a small number of products typically begin with just one or two products.

A basic image, on the other hand, contains significantly more than just a product line and a company's logo and identification. This straightforward, back-to-basics philosophy is also being applied to website design, and it has been proved to increase eCommerce sales.

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