Finding Student Housing to Fit Your Needs

by Kevin Smith Author

Finding housing for students can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from and so many other students looking at the same time. One place may be right for one student while being the exact opposite of what another student needs. There are three main factors to consider while searching for housing for students in Athens: price, location, and roommates. There are tons of places to search online and there can be dozens of poor choices for every good choice for each student. The best thing to do would be to filter the options available.


Price is the biggest factor for most students. Paying for college tuition, food, gas, and other utilities is stressful, especially if the rent is too high. Students need to make sure they have a job that can support their lifestyle and get all the bills paid on top of high tuition costs. Prices can vary drastically within student housing because of one factor or another. Finding something that suits a student budget is key to having a good college experience. Because of prices though, students may have to compromise on what they are searching for in an apartment. They can’t always have the nicest amenities.


Location is everything. Without a car, students will need an apartment on or near campus. When a student does have a car though, they can find great university off-campus housing. But, having a car should not be the only deciding factor when it comes to location. The closer a student is to campus, the more activities and socializing will happen around them. If a student is looking for a fun and adventurous college life then they will want to be as close to campus as they can be. For students looking solely to earn an education and keep their head down, there are options further away from college campuses where the evenings will be quieter and provide a better studying atmosphere.


Roommates can make or break a college experience. Housing options usually include single or shared rooms. Single rooms are nicer for the privacy they provide, but they will always be more expensive. Shared rooms, while cheaper, can lead to more arguments or adventures with roommates. Shared rooms are like a blank canvas, the painting can turn out beautiful or hideous depending on how well the colors mesh. But, if that is all the student can afford then they will just have to deal with whatever comes. Trying to find good roommates that will all click well is hard, but can be done.

 Finding housing for students in Athens can be hard, but if the student knows what they want, they can find it with a little effort. Finding a good school and social balance is important in college and housing plays a key role in that.

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