Finding It Tough To Quit Smoking? Here Is How You Can Do It!

by Dheeraj Khanna Writer

For those who smoke cigarettes, whether it is one or a pack a day, you may soon find yourself with an addictive habit. Over time, you may find it difficult to quit. That’s because the nicotine in the cigarettes are known to relive stress, while helping you unwind and mood. For many, it offers a temporary escape from their problems.

But when it comes to quitting, it may not be as simple as simply throwing the pack away. You will need to cope with withdrawal symptoms. You will also need to cope with a strong will power and a positive behaviour, to ensure that you stay smoke free for the rest of your life.

Here are some tips you can consider on how to quit smoking:

Tip #1 - Find a nicotine replacement in your routine to quit smoking: In order for you to successfully quit the habit of smoking, you must take it slow. As a regular smoker, your body would need to adjust to the reduction of the nicotine levels. If not, it can lead to an increase of cravings. The most successful method of controlling nicotine cravings is the nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine patch or nicotine lozenges are some options you can consider. Overtime, you can reduce the amount of nicotine you will be consuming., without having to cut back on cigarettes overnight. For the most effective solution, nicotine gums have been known to be the most effective. This is because, it delivers brief hits of nicotine, rather than a steady supply, much like a cigarette would do.

Tip #2 - Avoid assured smoking triggers: During some time of your ‘quitting stage’ you may feel the familiar itch to light up. You can easily curb the urge with strong motivational statements. Reason with yourself, that you don’t need that ‘one more cigarette’ to keep you going. This normally occurs when there’s a trigger for your urge. For some, it may be the stress, or just to pass time during free intervals. In such cases, you can look for alternate ways to reduce your stress levels, or even find alternative ways to fill up those interval gaps. Find the most productive solution that will help you get distracted.

 Tip #3 – Quit smoking the cold turkey way: While this may be the most difficult way, if not the most challenging, it is the best way on how to quit smoking especially if you have set your mind and heart on it. All you need to do is promise yourself that you won’t touch another cigarette. No doubt you will need to take time and effort to maintain it. You will also need to face withdrawal symptoms that can be intense at times. It will take small steps, but once your survive the first week, without even getting a mere glance towards the cigarette, the worst phase is over. Over the course of time, your body will naturally reserve the damage done by the intake of tobacco.

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