5 Tips To Lose Weight Without Hitting The Gym

by Dheeraj Khanna Writer


With our lives getting consumed by travel and work, we have very little time to ourselves and this can take a toll on our health. However, they say that the key to staying fit is 80 per cent diet, and 20 per cent exercise.

So here are 5 weight loss tips without you having to worry about going to the gym

1. Eat smaller portions

Eat smaller portions. Restaurants provide a significant amount of dish in a plate, make a habit of consuming smaller, and you can ask for a parcel if unable to finish the food. While eating at home, take little food and finish it first. Eating small portions can help in the consumption of required calories for the body and stop wastage of food items.

2. Chew thoroughly and slowly

When you eat the food, a signal is sent to the brain after you eat sufficiently. The mind takes a little time to process the information. If you eat very quickly without chewing the bites properly, that brain will confuse and take more time to realize that you are full. So, you will end up eating more. Several studies across the world on how to lose weight shows that people who don't chew the food properly are most likely to gain weight.   

3. Drink a lot of water

If you drink half a liter of water about 30 minutes before consuming a meal, it will reduce hunger, and you will end up eating less food. Several studies on adults done over 12 weeks prove this theory.

You can also avoid the consumption of packaged juices and soda because they contain a lot of sugar. Merely drink water as much as you can. This weight loss tips will provide your body with enough hydration as well

4. Eat protein

A protein diet can affect the hormones which play an active role in hunger and fullness. Increasing the amount of protein in your diet will help you to consume fewer calories per day. Consider switching the grain-based diet with a protein diet, and you will feel the difference for sure.

5. Take the stairs instead of the lift

If you can’t exercise, find time to climb a few floors. This will help you burn calories.

6. Keep junk out of sight

A chocolate chip cookie or your favorite flavor of potato chips are irresistible. Keep them out of sight, away from your study table or the cupboard that you use more often. Such food items increase hunger and carving even after consuming the meal.

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