Fibroids- What Every Women Should Know

by Raman K. Medical Reprenstative

Fibroids are mostly seen in the uterine of the women, which causes serious and havoc problems in the metabolism of the body. It is very common in women and almost 60% to 80% of the women in the world are affected by it. Fibroids are a kind of benign tumor that is made out of smooth cells as well as the fibrous connective tissue that is present inside the uterus. In the first instance, no one can understand the existence of the tumor inside as it does not show any symptoms.

Go through this article to know all the necessary details, early symptoms, the cure and also the ways to refrain from the havoc.

Benign tumors

First of all, if anyone is diagnosed with the result of these tumors, it is very essential to understand that it is a kind of benign tumor and a patient needs not to confuse it with cancer. This tumor only causes harm to the natural metabolism and it does not tend to turn into cancer at any point in time. The characteristic of being harmless does not show any severe symptoms in the women's body.

Sometimes there are some early symptoms of light pain in the lower abdomen when the tumor is at the first stage. This pain is confused with the natural pain of the stomach or menstruation cycle of the women. The tumor can be in the size of the pea to a massive size of the watermelon, it is during this time the body cannot absorb the pain of it and it is needed to be operated.


To date, there are no such firm studies that show the causes of the fibroids. But some of the scientific studies show that genetic inheritance can be the sole cause. No particular foods or external exposure are the reasons for the growth of these tumors.

Symptoms of the Fibroids

Women's body metabolisms are very intricate and sometimes cannot be understood. But after several scientific studies by the experts, few of the symptoms are projected, which helps to locate the presence of the fibroids in the body.

·         Pelvic pain as well as pressure- If there is a potent tumor in the uterus, a woman will experience pelvic pain often during works or leisure.

·         The repeated urge of urination- A woman or a girl has the urge to urinate often during days, which shows that there is a fibroid inside.

·         Prolonged periods- The periods or the menstruation lasts for 4 to 5 days, but in case of fibroids the days may increase or a woman will experience heavy flow during this time.


 Ways to find out

MRI- It is an imaging test done with the machines that are also used for detecting a fetus. This test is prescribed by the doctors and is tested by the experts.

These are some of the things that a woman must keep in mind, and that will help to track the presence of fibroids inside their bodies. It is advisable to appoint a expert gynecologist doctor before taking any necessary steps.

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