Facts about Seasonal Flu

by Albert Seole Effective Homeopathy Services

What do mean by flu?

Flu is a common word used for influenza virus. This virus infects the respiratory system of the body. When a person gets sick with any virus, his body produces antibodies for building a defense against harmful viruses. But these viruses' gets mutate every year. It means those antibodies can't provide a defense to the body. These viruses cause mild issues in the body which can be easily treated. But they may cause epidemics. The H1N1 virus is a very dangerous type of flu commonly known as swine flu.


Flu season

People usually assume that flu only strikes in the winter. Yes, it is true that most of the population get flu in winter. But you can also get flu in spring and fall. The peak time of getting flu is October and can continue till May.


Flu is contagious

Flu is extremely contagious; you can pass the virus to someone else before you get sick. According to the research in CDC, a person can infect others with the flu one day before the symptoms start.


Flu can occur all of a sudden

You can get flu any time out of the blue. You may feel fine in the morning and suddenly unable to do anything in the evening. Most people get the symptoms after one day of getting a virus but it varies from person to person.


Some flu can be life-threatening

Flu can be dangerous. Children, pregnant women, people over the age of 65 are likely to get flu. Some flu may trigger other infections like a sinus infection or ear infection. Flu can also cause some serious conditions such as sepsis, pneumonia, asthma, congestive heart failure, heart attacks, and stroke. Find a Doctor in New Jersey and get good precautions against the flu.


The flu vaccine takes about two weeks to work

The seasonal flu vaccine is the best approach to protecting yourself against the virus. But you should get the vaccine early in the season. This vaccine helps in producing antibodies against the virus. It takes few days for producing antibodies hence should be taken about two weeks early. As we talk earlier, the virus can mutate every year which means you have to take a new flu vaccine every year in an account for protecting your body form this flu. People can still get the flu even after proper vaccination.


Flu vaccines don't cause you any flu

There is a misconception that flu vaccine can cause flu. A type of flu vaccine has some weakened form on the flu virus. But those viruses don't cause infection. It helps to produce necessary antibodies. Another type of flu vaccine has dead and inactive viruses. Some people may get low-grade fever or body ache due to flu vaccine but this is not the flu and these symptoms will disappear in one or two days. 


A person may feel restless, thirsty, or get body pain in flu. Homeopathic medications provide relief from flu symptoms. Contact Naturopath NJ and get the proper treatment of your flu. Common homeopathic medicines for flu are:

§  Belladonna

§  Arsenicum album

§  Gelsemium

§  Eupatorium perfoliatum

§  Nux vomica

You can use over-the-counter medication such as NSAIDs, Tylenol, Advil or Aleve for ease. 

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