What is Seasonal Marketing?

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Seasonal marketing is a method of marketing products at a certain time or a season of the year such as decoration products for Christmas. A Seasonal Marketing can be based on a festival, climate, or a national/international holiday. 

Every company faces fluctuation in their sales over the time in a year. More or less, the fluctuation is of the similar type every year for the same or similar product. This means a product which faces a downfall in summer and an uprise in a year will most likely face the same kind of fluctuations in the next and later years. 
This is the reason why every company make special strategies for their products to sustain the effects of negative fluctuations and boost their sale at different times of the year. Now again based upon the duration of the time being targeted for the marketing, seasonal marketing is classified into two categories. 

What are the types of Seasonal Marketing?

Long seasonal marketing involves the Digital Marketing Service in Delhi strategies which are created to have effects for three to four months, such as woollen clothes in the winter season. Companies strategize the right strategies for the right period of the time in the year for marketing their products. Effects of the long seasonal marketing are for a longer period and can extend to as long as 3 to 4 months. 

Short seasonal marketing focuses on a shorter period such as national holidays, any major event, a particular week such as valentine week and more. Effects of the short seasonal marketing are for a shorter period and may not last longer than a week. But the advantage it has over the long seasonal marketing is that it can provide a higher ROI and considerably very higher boost on the sales. 

What is better Long or Short Seasonal Marketing? 

The answer to this question will differ from one product to another and one company to other. The company who manufactures room heater will not have any effect or sale during the summer but will run its campaign and sell its products throughout the winter. However, a chocolate manufacturing company can boost the sale of its chocolate throughout the year by running the short seasonal marketing campaigns such as “Gift a box of chocolate this Christmas”.

These are the most basic example of the effectiveness of a short or long seasonal marketing campaign but a smart company will know how to use and take advantage of both the long and short seasonal marketing campaign. A garment selling company will know how to use these targeted campaigns to keep the sale ongoing. For example by selling woollen clothes and jackets in winter, and T-shirts and shorts in summer. They can also take advantage of festivals such as Halloween or Valentine’s by selling custom clothes. Many e-commerce platforms and retailer make use of such festivals and boost their sale by introducing offers and deals.  

Do the research properly:

Search for the right keywords which have the most search volume for your products. Make sure that you use these keywords for your campaigns to get a higher impact by the campaigns. You have to be spot on with the placement of these advertisements, especially when we talk about the short seasonal campaigns. 

Build healthy relationships with your customers: 

Remember, there should be a call-to-action in your campaigns and they must be designed keeping your targeted audience in your mind. More than that, it is not necessary that all of your seasonal campaigns must be designed for bringing the sales. Show the human side of your venture every once in a while by posting funny or emotional messages or campaign on the festivals and important dates. You can ask your audience to post a funny video of them teasing their friends on April fool and the best video will get a surprise product. Or you can make use of the current social media trend which is gaining the attraction of the users. 

What are the best times to opt for seasonal marketing? 

Here is a list of time that one can target for marketing their product based upon some certain time of the year. 

Seasonal marketing based on climates: Make a list of which products of your company suits which climate the most. Examples of room heater and clothes have already been explained in this article. Once you make the list, start marketing your products accordingly. This also helps a company to optimize their marketing budget. 

Festival Marketing: You need to figure out how you are going to take advantages of the various festivals. This will not only give you a boost in sales but will also improve your brand value. New Year, Christmas, Diwali, Halloween, Ester, and the list go on. Target better and sell higher. 

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