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Allergies generally are described as hypersensitivity to a foreign particle or another. Different individuals have different kinds of tolerances for foreign bodies. When some people can't fix with specific elements in their environment, they might suffer from certain skin conditions that are generally referred to as skin allergies.

There is a sure method of determining whether your skin condition is an allergy or not. In case you've got a skin problem due to a cause that has affected nobody else, then it's an allergic response. For example, many individuals might be subjected to dust. However, when it affects you in a strong way, then you're allergic to dust.

There are three chief types of issues which are associated with skin allergies. All these Kinds are as follows:-

(I) Dermatitis - This is actually the skin allergy which is caused due to contact with some chemicals. It is shown as an inflammation.

This is a temporary condition and heals with treatment. Hives can also be known as urticaria.

(iii) Prickly Heat - This is a red rash that occurs on the body. Prickly heat is usually caused due to excessive sweating due to hot and humid climates.

All skin issues are vata dosha disorders. Vata dosha controls the air element of the human body. Hence, once the vata dosha is vitiated, you can find skin reactions. In various folks, there are various levels of this vata dosha. In some individuals, the vata may be weak and get easily vitiated as a result of outside things. Such people are more specific to skin allergies than others.

In this article, we see how to treat various skin allergies using an Ayurvedic point of view.

- Cassia (Cassia fistula)

Cassia can be used efficiently in the treatment of several irritations on skin caused due to allergies. A glue of the cassia leaves can be applied on the skin in case of inflammation of the feet and hands caused because of extreme cold, and swellings caused due to accumulation of fluids beneath the skin, like in hives.

Henna is an excellent remedy for many skin allergies. It can be utilised in case of hives, swellings, boils and other kinds of inflammation. Applying henna on the skin cools the skin and eliminates the symptom of this allergy.

The holy basil is venerated in Indian tradition as the tulsi. It has an almost maternal status for the Hindus. This plant is venerated for its medicinal properties. One of the other advantages, tulsi is also used for curing skin problems. In case of itches and rashes, the juice of the tulsi leaves is applied on skin. This is a very quick cure for allergic skin issues, find allergy specialist nj

- Madhuca (Madhuca indica)

Madhuca is employed as a remedy for skin itch problems. The leaves are made into a paste and applied onto skin in the skin infections due to allergy.

- Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia serpentina)

Rauwolfia is referred to as sarpagandha in Ayurveda. It's a very good cure for skin problems. In case of hives, the juice of its leaves is applied on the swollen parts to decrease itching. Relief is almost immediate.

Sandalwood is a standard cure for all types of itching issues on skin. It is made into a paste and applied on the skin. It smoothes skin and prevents it from allergies. Itches are immediately solved by applying sandalwood paste on the skin. Permanent relief can be obtained by keeping the glue on the skin for half of an hour before washing it off. Sandalwood oil is also used in treating diseases such as erysipelas (an eruptive allergic skin disorder ) and prurigo (an itchy skin eruption).

Dietary Strategies for Treatment of Skin Allergies

You have to take a lot of water to prevent all sorts of skin allergies. These include fresh fruits and vegetables which have high water content in them. In summer time, take cooling drinks like lemon juices and sherbets.

Do not eat sour foods if you have skin allergies issues often. This may vitiate the vata dosha further.

- Require about 30 milliliters of the juice of the leaves of wood apple (Feronia limonida) and mix a few cumin powder in it. Just take this two per day. This is a really good treatment for urticaria or hives.

- Extract the juice of the jambula (Indian Plum) and mix some soda in it. Apply this in case of prickly heat.

- In hot seasons, drink a glass of lemon juice twice everyday. This will supplement the vitamin C content of their body lost due to perspiration and will prevent the outburst of prickly heat.

- Chomping on sugarcane many times in the hot period is also a fantastic method of preventing searing heat.

- If the area on the skin is extremely itchy, then mash a spoonful and spread the paste of the papaya on it. This will decrease the itch and also make the skin healthier.

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