Explain The Advantages of FUT+FUE+BHT Hair Transplant

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant

Every field in today's world develops at its own rate. Innovations and advances are frequently made in the field of medicine. Every year, emerging science advances outdated medical practises to prolong human life. Cosmetic surgeries were primitive only a few years ago, but they have advanced significantly since then. Cosmetic surgery procedures have changed as a result of technological breakthroughs. Hair transplantation has made significant strides in terms of development. Prior until now, the method had some drawbacks, the most notable of which was the emergence of plugged hairs, which negatively affects the treatment's reputation.

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FUT hair transplant

The phrase "strip technique" is also used to describe this hair transplant procedure. There is an excised band from the sides and back of the head. The strip is subsequently divided into individual hair roots using a high magnification microscope. Sutures are used to seal the donor area. The chosen bald spot is then gently implanted with each hair root. Using this method, 3000–3500 hair roots can be obtained.

FUE hair transplant

 In this method of hair transplantation, each individual hair root is removed. With the aid of a tool that resembles a punch, each hair root is removed. The hair root is extracted while the punch is being superficially pushed into the skin. The chosen bald spot is subsequently seeded with the removed hair roots. Using this method, approximately 2000–2500 hair roots can be removed.

BHT hair transplant

As your own hair is used during the hair transplant operation, it's crucial that the donor location has enough hair roots to support the transplant. The treatment is possible if the donor area's hair roots are strong enough. The back and sides of the head, the chest, the axilla, the beard, etc. are among the donor locations. These regions were particularly picked because they had firmly planted hair roots.

The back and sides of the head are the preferred areas. Other body parts are investigated if the hair roots in the desired area are insufficient. The treatment is known as BHT if the doctor harvests hair roots from other body parts.

Combination technique of FUT+FUE and BHT

In order to harvest more hair roots during the hair transplant procedure, a combination technique has just been created. FUT hair transplantation is used to remove hair roots in the majority of cases. The FUE hair transplant is used to fulfil the demand of the residual numbers of hair follicles. 

The FUT hair transplant procedure can harvest between 3000 and 3500 hair roots. With the aid of FUE hair transplantation, around 1500 hair roots can be extracted. 4500 hair roots can be successfully harvested with the combination technique in a single session. In this operation, the hair roots are removed from the scalp and other body areas, typically from the area beneath the chin, using the FUE technique. This region, where scarring is least noticeable, is also known as a shadow area. For the extraction of hair roots, a punch with a smaller diameter, about 0.75 mm, is utilised.

Benefits of combination technique of FUT+FUE +BHT

This method has a few benefits, which are described as follows:

1.       Using this method, more than 4000 hair roots can be harvested in a single session. Thus, this method can effectively treat severe baldness in a single session. Depending on the extent of the hair loss and the elasticity of the donor skin, it may occasionally be necessary to schedule additional sessions.

2.      This method of hair transplantation uses the FUT technique to extract the largest number of hair roots, and the FUE technique to extract the remaining hair roots. In order to preserve the donor area for upcoming sittings, the harvesting is therefore done from a smaller region.

As the majority of hair roots are retrieved using the FUT technique, which is carried out under greater visibility, this approach permits the least damage to the hair roots.

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