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The liver is the largest strong organ in the body and fulfills many essential functions, which can be vital for life. Cost of Liver Transplant India is a complex surgical treatment to eliminate a diseased or injured liver and repair it with a healthy one donated by way of a living or deceased donor. When there may be no option left to treat a liver, then as a final alternative, Cost of Liver Transplant India is done by the way of a surgeon. This procedure is known to have a tremendous positive effect in the case of end-stage liver disease or liver failure.

How much is liver transplantation cost in India?

Liver transplant cost in India is known to be less than half of what it costs in Western countries. A liver transplant is one of the most expensive medical procedures in the Western world. This is the reason why many patients from abroad prefer to travel to Asian countries such as India to undergo this procedure. The difference in the Liver transplant cost in India is huge despite the fact that the quality of services offered at both locations is almost the same. India has a number of high-quality hospitals offering low liver transplant costs in India with the latest technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The country is a very possible choice for challenging the treatment specifically because of the highly affordable liver transplant cost in India.

Why India is considered as the most preferred destination for liver transplant surgery in India

India enjoys the privilege of having a few of the best liver transplant hospitals in India with liver transplant surgeons in India. India's best liver transplant surgeons can perform complex and fine surgeries.  The success rate of liver transplant surgery in India offered by India's best liver transplant surgeons stages between 85% and 90% that is as high as that provided by any medically advanced country in the west, the average price of Liver Transplant in India according to the treatment in the topmost hospitals in India is comparatively lesser than western developed countries and the cost can be planned for various patients.

India's best liver transplant surgeons helping patients with every phase of care

Liver transplant is indexed among the most common surgical procedure, and it demands extremely skilled surgeons with Liver Transplant Surgeons in India, who are progressive in the field of medicines.  India's best liver transplant surgeons have carved a spot for themselves in performing the most liver transplantation which is available at a very reasonable cost and has been ranked second within the globe. They offer a one-stop destination, presenting a broader range of tailor-made services for international patients.  One of the top reasons, why one should choose out India for a liver transplant, is because of the non-existent waiting and similar success rate which is best known globally. Here is a list of India's best liver transplant surgeons

  • Dr. Ramdip Ray 
  • Dr. Ravi Mohanka
  • Dr. Samir Shah
  • Dr. Subhash Gupta 
  • Dr. Amit Nath Rastogi 
  • Dr. Mahesh Gopashetty
  • Dr. Ravishankar Bhat B
  • Prof. Mohamed Rela
  • Dr. Anand Khakhar
  • Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin


Choose forerunners healthcare consultant for a smooth and hassle-free trip in India

Forerunners healthcare consultant has earned the popularity of being the most renowned and best providers in India. That is because of the amazing care and attempt we put in to understand your requirements and give the best solution as expert medical consultants. Forerunners healthcare consultant is known for the exceptional value they offer to their clients. In terms of cost-effectiveness, protection, comfort, and treatments, forerunners healthcare consultant’s affiliation with the best hospitals in India, experts, and experienced surgeons, is one among their key strengths.

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