Denver Al Shehhi Praises Top Liver Transplant Surgeons in India for Life-Saving Transplant


I am Denver Al Shehhi from the United Arab Emirates; my liver transplant took place on January 12, 2019. After my birth date, it's the most important day of my life. Immediately following my transplant I felt I was the luckiest man in the United Arab Emirates. Months later I nevertheless felt I used to be nationally ranked. This story is about my infection, the transplant experience, and my recovery.

8 years ago, my family medical doctor noticed I was affected by ascites, the accumulation of fluid in my body core, most in all likelihood an end result of a malfunctioning liver. It was no longer safely filtering my bodily fluids and blood. He recommended having my esophagus "scoped" to determine if strain becomes constructing in my veins. I did not note his advice and life went on, kind of. That was till the day I passed out. The message was clear. I had an extreme liver problem.

I went to a highly reputable hospital in the United Arab Emirates, my home country, but my disease continued to progress. Finally, the doctors at the United Arab Emirates hospital decided I had NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis). My friend suggested I look for options out of United Arab Emirates and suggested India, since the medical arrangement is not so developed in the United Arab Emirates; patients prefer to travel overseas for medical management. With India emerging as one of the greatest and predominant medical tourism hubs of the world, just like sufferers from other countries, patients from the United Arab Emirates also can now manipulate to pay for numerous treatments and have now commenced clustering to India for all health-related troubles. That’s when I started my search for affordable liver transplant in India at top liver transplant surgeons in India, the name that flashed on the top of Google was best liver transplant surgeon in India To my joy, things progressed very smoothly, and I was on my way to India to meet my doctor top liver transplant surgeons in India.  But instantly on the transplant list, that in itself was cause for celebration. I was determined to dangle in there till my name got here up.

On meeting my surgeon at the best hospital in India for best liver transplant surgeon in India is one of the pioneering healthcare service providers in India with the most cutting-edge remedy infrastructure with no trouble to be had at the disposal of the countless patients visiting from no longer but also other nations.

The transplanted crew mentioned my alternatives, together with a living donor transplant in which a partial liver could be donated by way of a residing person, most customarily a near relative. I didn't have to wait that long. A week later, the phone rang at 1:30 am. I said yes, of course. She said, "We have got a liver for you." Words cannot explicit my pleasure in hearing that. It is still hard for me to believe. I got emotional every time I relive the conversation.

The surgery was faultless and my recovery time became rapid, I left the hospital five days later, decided to go right to work. But top liver transplant surgeons in India were given me to relax and urged me to wait until I was feeling towards a hundred percentages. In four weeks, I was back with my children, doing what I love most. I am indebted to all the group of members at the best hospital in India for liver transplants, who without exception were professional, compassionate, and kind. I thank my surgeon liver transplant in India who offered Affordable liver transplants in India at the best price. And, a big thanks to my family.”

Thank you so much for all your assistance.

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