Employee Monitoring Tools: A Threat to Privacy or Productivity Booster?

This pandemic has done much to make organizations understand the value of employee monitoring software. Well, yes. Before the pandemic, the demand for automated software like employee monitoring was 43% because companies thought they wouldn't need to invest money in such software. After all, team leaders could handle their team.

However, through this WFH module, companies have learned about the benefits package. However, many start-ups and small businesses are still lagging and are still struggling to manage their employees in this remote working module. This guide will help them understand what staff monitoring is and how it works.

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What is staff monitoring?

Staff monitoring is the practice of monitoring staff performance and productivity on your projects.

However, the software allows you to monitor staff activity with a high degree of accuracy and is called staff monitoring software. It helps you precisely check the behavior patterns of employees: whether they are sincerely working on a project or browsing through other content, and report any evidence of misconduct directly to the administrator.

Different employee monitoring solutions

Here are five ways to track and monitor your employees while they work:

1) Video surveillance

Companies install CCTV cameras to monitor an employee's activities, and if the camera captures any unusual activity, action can be taken against the employee. Ensure that the cameras should be placed in a common area and not directly on your work screen.

2) Network and email monitoring

Network and email monitoring are direct monitoring methods. Here's how:
Network monitoring includes monitoring for infected workstations, malware, and in-line activity.

Email monitoring: monitoring whether employees are using their work email to send a personal email.

3) Biometric machines or key cards

Key cards: - Key cards help restrict employee access to unauthorized areas. It also helps to control employee attendance.

Biometrics: Biometrics is used for fingerprinting in and out signals.

4) GPS Tracking

GPS tracking helps employees who are in the field. It helps to check whether the workers reach the designated location for the meeting with the client.

5) Employee tracking software

Most employee tracking software is now widely used. This demand has increased with the advent of Covid-19 and the introduction of remote working. Employee monitoring is the least invasive method for both office and remote teams.

Most monitoring tools include features such as project tracking and employee time tracking. However, there are several other reasons for using employee monitoring tools. Let's explore the different aspects of using the software.
Employee monitoring software

The various aspects are mainly related to improving productivity. These are:
Remote worker management became a necessity after the discovery of covid-19 in 2020. All companies have started working from home. So software helps to monitor their daily activities, their productivity.

6) Quality of customer service

Companies that have customer service records call customers. This helps in training new employees as well as improving their skills. It is also kept as a legal record for future cases such as any dispute.

The tracking tool also helps in monitoring employees' emails and conversations with customers.

7) Financial services

Finance departments use the tracker to monitor sales and transactions. However, it is mainly used for strict or confidential ISO actions to monitor employees to prevent data leakage or theft.

8) Billing agencies

Agencies such as digital marketing, design, software vendors bill their clients by the hour.
Using a tool like WorkStatus, it is easy to track the hours spent on a project. There is no margin for error, and we can calculate an accurate price.

Benefits of employee monitoring

Here are the benefits of employee monitoring software:

Minimize wasted time at work.
Time is very precious, and therefore, wasting time just to supervise the employee's activity will not help in the future. Therefore, with employee monitoring software, there will be no need to supervise the employee's work, and you can focus on the actual tasks.

Automating human resources and payroll
With an employee tracking software like Workstatus, attendance can be recorded automatically, and payroll can be designed accordingly.

Increase employee productivity
Regular monitoring of employees can help them work sincerely on their projects. Thus, as a result, there is high productivity and the working hours are properly utilized.

Increased employee engagement
With the platform, all employees receive the alert simultaneously, and employees find it easy to raise their issues directly. So, it facilitates employee engagement. Moreover, this software gives equal opportunity to the employees to interact with the boss and keep their point of view on any project.

Final Thoughts
Employee monitoring gives great relief to the organization and through monitoring and managing the employees. The software gets a lot of weight from different organizations from tracking their time, productivity, attendance, and payroll management. Whether you're managing employees remotely or in your own offices, this software can help you focus on core tasks and goals rather than spending time tracking and scheduling attendance.

This guide explains the features and benefits that come with the idea of employee tracking software. So, if you haven't switched to employee tracking yet, you should definitely think about it.

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