How does Employee Monitoring software help in improving a company’s productivity?

by Samir Chaudhary Director at Nandini Infosys

What is employee monitoring software?

Employee monitoring software refers to the use of software to monitor employees, track user activity, detect any potential threats, and prevent data loss by employees. Businesses in multiple industries ranging from finance, retail, legal, manufacturing, energy, technology, healthcare, and other government verticals can leverage this software to ensure that employees are working to their full potential.

Why does your company need employee monitoring software?

Post covid, people feel more comfortable with a work-from-home (wfh) setup than an in-office structure. Companies are opting for hybrid work structures combining in-office and remote work and hence are offering more flexibility to employees regarding the location where they work. In such a situation, measuring time vs. productivity becomes a challenge.

To tackle such a situation and have better clarity on the productivity of each resource, it is the need of the hour to implement a tool that can monitor employee productivity and know whether employees are performing according to the organization's performance standards.

Employee monitoring tools help track employee performance and activity and ensure that employees make the best use of their working hours. Without employee monitoring software, it becomes challenging to view the status of any pending projects and know the amount of time that an employee spent on each task allocated to him/her. In fact, according to statistics, the average employee wastes about eight hours every week on personal tasks  and mobile devices. (Source: Robert Half) Additionally, 60% or less of an employee’s work time is spent productively. (Source: Atlassian)

Here are some ways through which employee monitoring software can help improve employee productivity:

Tracking Screenshots To Analyze Performance

From time to time, it becomes challenging for companies to know which tools employees are performing and what tasks they are performing. 

Does this sound familiar to you? 

Teramind’s software breaks through the challenge of low performance. With Teramind, you can track screenshots to know what work is being done by your employees. Moreover, you can view the employees’ names, screenshot timing, and screenshot date through a central dashboard in Teramind. The regular capture of screenshots will help you optimize your team members’ performance from time to time.

Monitoring User Activity To Measure Performance

From sending emails and instant messages to searching for information, an employee performs multiple tasks at the workplace. The challenge that many businesses face is knowing whether these employee activities are actually helping employees perform the task at hand efficiently.

Teramind’s powerful capabilities help track the emails and instant messages sent by employees. In addition to this, keystroke monitoring tracks what employees type on their keyboards, ensuring that employees’ searches are helping them obtain the information they need. 

Time Tracking For Increased Efficiency

Employees are engaged in multiple tasks throughout the day. However, you may realise that there’s no clarity about who spent how much time doing what task.

Lack of time tracking makes it difficult for tasks to be completed as per the deadlines. This is where Teramind’s employee monitoring software steps in and tracks time-both for either a single day or for the entire week. View the idle time and the productive time of each employee in your organization. Through time analysis, employees can lower idle time and ensure that no time is wasted on inefficient activities in your company. 

Task Management For Faster Business Goals Completion

Often, tasks are allotted to employees, but it is challenging to view their status. Teramind’s task management solution helps simplify the task management process.

To achieve business goals, employees must perform several tasks in the business on time. Task management software helps complete tasks and achieve goals easily. With just a few clicks on the screen, senior-level executives and other decision-makers can view tasks on the central dashboard.

Corporate Policies To Ensure Quality And Performance

A policy provides a direction in which business activities are performed. Without policies, a business does not have any parameters it can use to attain business goals. Teramind’s employee productivity monitoring software helps set corporate policies that ensure the timely attainment of objects. One example of a corporate policy is a quality-related policy that helps employees ensure that their performance meets standards. 

Teramind’s efficient employee monitoring software helps set behavior policies like productivity, sensitive data, and etiquette policies. One can also determine the category, users, text typed (keystrokes), and actions related to each policy.

Automated Alerts To Boost Performance

While working, employees may occasionally deviate from policies, like spending a lot of idle time. If not addressed, this issue can affect your organization’s productivity. 

With Teramind, you can set up automated alerts that notify, block, redirect, log out, or block the user based on the offence. This ensures that employees move towards goals as they will not deviate from policies and focus on completing tasks and achieving goals.

Template Based Scheduling

You may be set tasks to be performed in your business, but unless a schedule is developed for performing the tasks, completing them becomes difficult.

Teramind’s template-based scheduling capability helps configure day and week wise and extended time frames. You can view employee working hours and whether they were late or on time, helping you optimize employee schedules so that they can work efficiently.

Cut down administrative tasks

Spending time on administrative tasks can distract your business from its goals.

Through Teramind, cut down administrative tasks like tracking sick hours or paid leaves. With Teramind, you’ll be able to focus on the most critical parts of your business as Teramind will handle the rest of the tasks for you.


If you wish to make confident business decisions using technology that enables your business and your employees to succeed, consider Teramind’s employee productivity software. Teramind’s employee productivity monitoring software is ideal for small, medium, and large businesses. Create appropriate policies, secure data against data attacks, and know more about user actions through a single solution for your business. You can click on this link to know more about our software.

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