Eat Protein Worm Foods To Avoid 10 Possible Side Effects

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Protein deficiency can really pull you down badly. It can cause havoc with the appearance of your body and can importantly spoil your overall personality to present a sorry picture in the public. An African food restaurant can be a great source of organic protein as the food it serves can provide you with plenty of organic nutrition. Mopane worms are delicacies in these parts of the world and they can be enjoyed in the African restaurants as they cook them in different forms and curries.

Risks of protein deficiency and how African protein worm foods can prevent them

Following are the risks of protein deficiency

Weight loss

If you are not eating enough protein you are likely to lose weight. Protein helps build muscle tissues and shortage of the nutrition can prevent muscles from developing. Less protein intake will be consumed by the body as energy and there will be no protein available to build muscles which would result in weight loss.

Weakness in muscles and wasting of muscles

This can happen to middle aged gentry and it is a natural process where the age group start losing muscle mass.


Your body parts can get swollen if you have protein deficiency. Body retains water and start fluid buildup when there is no enough protein.

Low heart rate and low blood pressure

Your blood pressure levels can plummet if your blood protein is in lesser quantity. This could damage several other functions of the body.

Malabsorption of Nutrients

Your body will become unable to absorb nutrients like iron, zinc, niacin, and calcium if it is not getting enough protein.

Liver problems

Protein deficiency has a direct connection with liver diseases. Your liver will struggle to remove toxins and lipids of your body without protein


You could become anemic if your body is not getting protein, as it will cause lack of vitamins like B-12 and folate.  This happens when your body is unable to produce sufficient red blood cells.


Your immune system will take a beating and you will suffer from sicknesses regularly or take more time to recover from illness.

Food cravings

Food cravings are attributed to deficiency of nutrition like protein. If you need snacks between your meals you can blame it on protein deficiency.

Muscle and joint pain

With protein deficiency you will suffer from muscle and joint pains. This happens because fluids from muscles and joints supplement as muscle builders when protein is absent.

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