Brown Rice Protein: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage

by James Denlinger Digital Marketing Strategist

What is Brown Rice Protein?

Protein remains an essential part of every diet due to its role in building and repairing muscle within the body. Protein is present in many food sources such as fish, meat and dairy, among others. However unlimited the sources of protein might seem, some individuals such as vegetarians and vegans have a limited number of foods from which they can obtain their protein. Luckily, brown rice protein is a great source of plant-based protein for vegetarians and vegans.

Brown rice protein is a derivative of 100 percent organic brown rice. It’s also hypoallergenic, thereby causing fewer allergic reactions than other alternative protein sources.

Organic rice protein normally has a high quality due to the presence of branched chain amino acids such as valineleucine and isoleucine, which the body requires to repair worn out tissues and muscles. Each layer of brown rice has its unique protein. And since all layers are present, this implies that all the essential proteins within the grain are still very much present.

Brown Rice Protein Benefits

Thanks to its source, brown rice protein powder offers various benefits in relation to fitness and health of the body. Unlike some other sources of protein like dairy, this plant-based protein does not possess irritants that could lead to allergic reactions in certain individuals. The major benefits that come with brown rice protein include the following:

Muscle Growth

Brown rice protein is comprised of amino acids which serve as the building blocks of muscles. Constant and daily trainings or routine activities lead to a gradual deterioration of muscle fibers and cells. Therefore, the amino acids from rice protein are essential for building the muscles up and enabling them to function properly. The amount of protein a body requires is not certain, but the recommended daily intake is 0.8 g per kilogram of body weight.

According to a study conducted in 2013, consuming rice protein after a workout significantly enhanced exercise performance and the body’s composition in the exact same way that whey protein functions. This would be an ideal choice for improving body nutrition, especially after a workout.


Lactose intolerant individuals are people who cannot digest the sugar in milk and other milk products. Lactose refers to the sugar in milk. Being lactose intolerant is a different occurrence from being allergic to milk. The condition is not a harmful one, but could be quite debilitating. Usually when we take in milk, lactase in the intestine would break down the milk from where it is absorbed into the body via the intestines. However, lactose intolerant people do not have this process occurring in this particular format. Instead, their lactose isn’t broken down and it goes to the colon, mixes with bacteria and begins to ferment. This could further lead to bloatinggasdiarrheanausea and vomiting.

Organic brown rice protein is plant-based and does not have the type of sugar present in milk and dairy-based protein products. It is completely lactose free and contains the same amount of protein present in milk products. It is also very easy to digest. This plant-based protein can take care of all the protein requirements of the body, making up for the protein that milk and other dairy products would normally provide.

Complete Protein

Unlike whey proteins, which may be lacking in one or two essential nutrients, brown rice protein contains all the essential amino acids and some other vitamins and minerals that the body requires for normal functions. The protein is essential in building up and repairing tissues while the minerals and vitamins complement the one provided by fruits and vegetables which they take in.

Some protein sources are richer in certain essential amino acids, which implies that they would have to be combined to get the appropriate composition required by the body. This is not the case when using organic brown rice protein. It is specially formulated to include most of the essential amino acids.

Vegan protein powder contains amounts of fiber ranging from moderate to high, which aids bowel movements and helps to support a healthy body weight while reducing cholesterol levels. Also, vegan protein powder is easily digestible and poses a source of less gastric distress than protein from animal-based sources. Vegan protein powder is formulated in such a way that there would be no need for any other form of protein supplement from any other source.

Brown Rice Protein BenefitsPIN IT

Brown Rice Protein Side Effects

Popular belief suggests that brown rice in itself poses no threat to human health. This is mainly due to its protein and high fiber content, which is also present in brown rice protein powder. However, the fact remains that there is a particular dangerous ingredient usually found in brown rice especially when it does not undergo proper processing. Similarly, the protein supplement would contain this dangerous ingredient due to incomplete processing.


Arsenic is an extremely toxic trace element which occurs naturally in the environment. All types of arsenic pose a danger to human health, but there exist two types — the organic and the inorganic. However dangerous these two forms of arsenic might be, the inorganic form, which is commonly present in water and rocks, poses a greater danger to human health.

Since rice grows in fields flooded with water, the inorganic arsenic present in the ground water makes its way into the plant. heightened levels of pollution and the use of chemical fertilizers among other human activities lead to increases in inorganic arsenic levels. Because of this, brown rice contains higher levels of arsenic than white rice due to the hulls.

Over time, high levels of arsenic can cause heart diseasescancer, impaired cognitive function and diabetes. However, factors like location where the rice is grown, the implement and machinery used play a major role in determining the arsenic level of the rice plant.

This implies that with healthy and clean farming operations, avoiding arsenic or reducing the amount of arsenic in the rice harvest is possible. Furthermore, with proper processing, the brown rice protein powder can be totally free of arsenic.


Dosage and Instructions

When supplementing with organic brown rice protein powder, thoroughly mix 30 grams into water, a smoothie or shake. Of course, be sure to speak with a medical professional before adding this supplement to your regimen.

Why Take Brown Rice Protein?

Not unlike protein obtained from dairy products, brown rice protein possesses many benefits in terms of body health and fitness. It provides a simple yet comprehensive protein source for vegans and vegetarians in order to complete their diet. It also offers a safer option for individuals with gluten, soy or dairy allergies due to its hypo-allergenic characteristic.

Supplements like brown rice protein help to burn up fat since proteins have a “thermic” effect due to the heat created during digestion. Protein requires a lot of energy to be digested, which implies that a lot of calories are burned after eating a protein meal. Therefore, it would make a lot of nutritional sense to build a weight loss strategy around brown rice powder, which is a lean source of protein.

Also, organic protein powder helps in balancing the insulin effect and blood sugar of the body. This is essential in the case of weight loss efforts. Since the body isn’t receiving as much food intake as it has become accustomed to, there would tend to be a spike in the blood sugar in response to food intake, which would cause the pancreas to secrete the hormone insulin in order to expedite the storage of presently circulating nutrients.

The Bottom Line

In essence, brown rice is a gluten-free grain that is highly nutritious and contains no shortage of vitamins and minerals. Brown rice protein powder does not consist of exclusively protein ingredients. These other ingredients are present to boost the body’s fitness and health status.

Regular consumption of whole grains such as brown rice can assist in improving, fighting and preventing a number of health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. The weight loss feature is another huge plus, especially for overweight individuals or those struggling with obesity. One can use this useful supplement at any time of the day without negative implications.

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