Easy Tips To Keep Your Timber Coffee Tables Looking Good As New

by Marta Jordan Writer
Buying a timber coffee table is a lasting investment. There’s a reason why they have been such a popular furniture option for not just decades, but possibly centuries now! Not only are timber coffee tables extremely fashionable no matter what the current trends are, they are also hardy and durable, making them a perfect choice for almost everyone.

But buying a high-quality timber coffee table comes with its set of responsibilities. As with anything else, the better you take care of your table, the longer it will last and look good as new for years to come. To help you in your journey to ensure you enjoy your table for decades, here are a few care tips to keep it in premium condition:

Dust frequently
When a wooden table has not been dusted in a while, tiny particles of dust can settle in the grooves and build up over time. Not only is this a health hazard, especially for people living with asthma or respiratory issues, but they can also scratch the wood’s finish. It is best to dust all your wood furniture weekly with a soft, slightly damp microfibre cloth and then wipe the moisture with a dry cloth. If there are any sticky spots, use mild, unscented soapy water to rub it clean before drying it immediately.

Keep it away from direct sunlight
Strong, direct sunlight can fade or bleach wood over time. Pick a location in the house where direct sunlight does not fall on the tables. If you are unable to do so, pick out some curtains which may be able to block out some of this light at least at times when it is at its harshest. You may also regularly rotate your table so even if it does fade slightly, it does so evenly.

Control humidity in the house
Moisture is the worst enemy of any piece of wooden furniture. Moist, humid environments can cause wood to absorb water and warp over time, and may also make it become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. But at the same time, a house that is too dry can cause the wood to crack, which is why maintaining a good balance of humidity in the house is necessary. The best way is to keep your home’s humidity levels at a steady 50-55%.

Protect against spills
Get some coasters or doilies to place any cups or glasses on. If any water rings do form, use a simple solution of soap and water to gently rub them off. It is best to treat a spill as soon as it happens as letting them be can cause lasting damage to your table. Avoid using cleaning products with silicone as these will ruin the lacquer on your table.

Talk to your table’s manufacturer about the best products to use
No two timber coffee tables are built alike. Some may have a natural oil finish, while others may be laminated, varnished or lacquered to make them more durable and to protect the surface. The manufacturer or distributor of your table is likely to know how your table has been finished and the best products to use on it to keep it looking good as new. This will include cleaners, dusters, polishes and waxes. Using the wrong products could also make your warranty null and void, which is why it is always better to ask the experts and then follow their instructions to the letter!

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