Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Guide to Boulder Locations

by Jeniffer Leio Excutive

In the game “Dragon Ball Z Kakarot,” there are few trophies that are pushing gamers to the edge of madness. One of the trophies is known as the Demolition Artist Trophy, including wiping out ten boulders, which are stopping players from entering the caves in the game. Besides that, some players don’t know where to look, then don’t worry. Here are the tricks that you need to consider in order to accomplish the challenge conveniently.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Destroying the Boulders

There are some keys required to attain the trophy in the game. For that, gamers will need to complete the story as to make their path clear for every boulder in the free-roam mode. After that, players are also required to find their way towards Minerals Deposits that are marked already on the map.

Most importantly, you should check all the mineral deposits as not every one of them will be blocked. Once located, gamers will desire to reach up to the boulder and then give a severe hit to destroy it.  Note, the boulders do not respawn which means players will have to locate each of them and then destroy accordingly.

Moreover, if you are a beginner, then finish the story and reach at least 60 levels to destroy all of the boulders. Otherwise, you will end up losing the rewards, i.e., trophies. Also, gamers will need to utilize Ki Sense to reach the caves in the blink of an eye.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Goku’s House (Location One) 

In the game, gamers will find the first four boulders near Goku’s House present in the Southeast Mountains Area. Boulders are hiding a Mineral Deposit, which you can spot on your map showing the mineral deposit logo.

You can spot the first one beside a waterfall, and the second one is roaming near the black meteorite that you can easily found between two trees on the marked location. The third boulders are also near the black meteorite and present within the trees cluster. At last, move to the right side as the final one is hidden behind the trees cluster as well.

Make sure to remember that every boulder location is marked with a mineral deposit. In case, you will not locate a boulder on the marked area, then head over to the next place and avoid using Super Saiyan mode in frustration.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Olive Village (Location Two)

After destroying the first four boulders in the location, “Goku’s House,” find your way to the second one, i.e., Olive Village present in the East of Ravine Area. Similarly, the location of the boulders will be marked again on your map with a Mineral Deposit Logo.

On the map, you will notice a river runs in this location. On the map, you will see an Enemy Base Logo near South-north part of the river and that where a Mineral Deposit lies. Head straight to the location as mentioned and get your first boulder. For the next one, head over to the Fishing marker, as you can see on your map.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Nam’s Village (Location Three)

In the game, gamers will find the three boulders in the Nam’s Village preset near the Great West Desert Area. To get the first boulder, players will need to head towards east of the western side Villainous Enemies marker as it is marked with a Mineral Deposit logo. Players should use the fly move to reach over there and eliminate the boulder with a good hit.

Another boulder is present near the western-east part of the Dragon Ball Location marker as it is marked with a Mineral Deposit logo as well. In order to find the final boulder in this location, you need to move in the southern-eastern part of the Villainous Enemies marker area. This is the final Mineral Deposit logo, where players can get boulder with a good punch.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Kodaiho Lands (Final Location)

To find the final boulder, players should travel to the Continent center area with the Kodaiho lands in the Southeast region. Once you have arrived at the location, go to the Time Attack Marker as it is a Mineral Deposit logo.

After destroying the ten boulders in the game ” Dragon Ball Z Kakarot,” gamers will call themselves the Demolition Artists as they will have the trophy to prove it.

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