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A liver transplant is a complex surgical treatment during which a diseased liver is removed by surgeons and replaced with a donated liver from a living or deceased donor. The method is the only treatment for end-stage liver disease or liver failure, which can be fatal. For people with intense liver ailment, a liver transplant can suggest the difference between dying of liver failure and a decade or more of good health.

Some Facts About Liver Transplant

  • A liver transplant is required when the liver fails, mostly because of long time disorder.
  • Approximately 1, 00,000 people in India die of liver failure every year. First a success liver transplant was executed in 1967.
  • The range of liver transplants has been regularly increasing for more than 15 years.
  • Cirrhosis is the most usual reason for liver transplant
  • Liver can be donated from either diseased donors or living donors.
  • Survival rate in five year of liver transplant patients is over 75%.

Cost of Liver Transplant in India

Description of Liver Transplant Surgery in India

The liver transplant technique usually takes between 4 and 8 hours. The patient has to come to hospital, often the night before the procedure, after which go down to the operating room, often for about two hours of anesthesia earlier than the surgery even starts. They then go through a procedure in which their old liver is removed and the new one is put into the exactly same place. After that, they are taken to the ICU, often with the respiratory tube still in place.

India's Liver Transplant Setup Really Favor Foreigners

India enjoys the privilege of having few of the globally acclaimed hospitals with skilled specialists. The country has doctors who can perform complex and fine surgeries. The best hospitals for liver transplant in India residence some of the most skilled and experienced surgeons in the world. With a notable skill set and valuable experience from managing critical cases, Indian surgeons nowadays have an easy advantage in curing all kinds of diseases inclusive of liver failure. Cost of liver transplant surgery in India only a fraction of what they do in the US. No matter the fact that the country offers the most superior facilities and treatment alternatives, the surgical procedure costs are significantly fees reduced. The success rate of the surgery ranges between 85% - 90% in India so; we can see India is the best choice for medical treatment from all over the world. The country is becoming the most visited country for medical treatment in 2018.

Dr. Mohamed Rela Enhancing Liver Health in India

Most renowned surgeon of the country regarded for his expertise on liver transplantation and hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) surgical treatment and performed more than 3000 liver transplant surgical procedures so far, Dr. Mohamed Rela best liver surgeon in India currently heads the institute of liver, pancreas diseases and transplantation, global hospitals and Health City Group, Chennai and is professor of liver surgery and transplantation, King's College Hospital, UK. He is one of pioneers in the world of swap liver transplantation for adults, while performing six liver transplants and a bone marrow transplant on one patient that makes him the best liver surgeon in India. Twice in his career he and his team have successfully performed pediatric liver transplant surgery on 5 year old children. The first time earned him places in the Guinness book of records. For his expertise and contributions to healthcare he has been named one of the 20 most innovative paediatric surgeons alive today and has co-authored nearly 600 peer-review journals.

How Can Forerunners Healthcare Help to Get in Touch with Dr. Mohamed Rela

With forerunners healthcare, travelling to India for medical treatment is no longer a hassle. Both for the patient and accompanying family members, we make the entire process easier. Once you get in touch with us, Dr. Mohamed Rela best liver surgeon in India will analyze your medical history and suggest the best possible treatment that you should opt for! The accompanying members can peacefully devote all their time in taking care of the patient, we at forerunners healthcare will take care of the rest!

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