Don’t wait for hernia strangulation, take Ayurvedic treatment for hernia disease

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Have you ever noticed an ugly protruding bulge on the umbilical cord region? This protuberance may lie quietly and just appears as a growth but in some cases it ends up being extremely painful and gorged. What is this growth and is this dangerous?

What is hernia?

Human body is made out of a network of tissues, nerves, and muscles. Sometimes the tissue or muscle wall of the abdominal region weakens or tears at a certain point and the gut or intestines inside starts to push outwards stretching the area and show up as a bulge. This is because the internal organ held within, starts to push out due to the weakness or hole in the wall, this is what we term as hernia.

Many times surgery is the only option left because there are chances that the skin of the wall becomes extremely thin and the organ or intestine pops out of the body. There is Ayurvedic medicine for hernia disease available that is prepared out of carefully chosen organic herbal extracts that help the tissue wall heal and become strong. The organ gets pushed back into place and the person feels better. Hernia can be sometimes seen around the waist, groin, lower chest and thigh region also.

It is imperative to treat the hernia or else it can strangulate and cause serious medical complications. Initially people ignore the hernia because the protuberance comes and goes and it cannot be seen prominently when lying down but as time passes it grows in size and becomes visible.

Symptoms of hernia:

1) Lump or visible bulge in affected region

2) The bulge is visible or can be touched and felt on standing but pushes inwards when a person is in lying position. It can also be observed when a person coughs or bends down to pick something.

3) Discomfort, itchiness or pain in the hernia region

4) Depending on the region of the hernia, many people complain of swallowing difficulties, heartburn and discomfort in chest area.

Many hernias lie asymptomatic in the body and can be detected either through an ultrasound or physical examination. You need to get vigilant and start Ayurvedic hernia treatment for problem on time so that it does not keep increasing in size. Timely intervention always pays.

Types of hernia:

Hernia is mostly found in males but that does not mean it does not occur in women. Depending on region the hernia is located it can be:

a) Abdominal hernia

b) Hiatal hernia

c) Incisional hernia

d) Umbilical hernia

e) Femoral hernia

f) Inguinal hernia

Common causes of hernia:

Mostly hernia is caused by:

1) Chronic and wracking cough

2) Over exertion

3) Weight lifting or picking heavy loads regularly

4) Premature normal delivery or premature birth

5) Pregnancy

6) Surgical incisions

7) Painful defecation

8) Chronic constipation

9) Heavy weight and obese people need to be extra careful

10) Poor dietary habits like junk foods etc

11) Hereditary predisposition

12) Painful urination

13) Chronic pain in abdomen or groin region

14) Standing for long hours resulting in pain in the stomach region

Normally untreated hernias do not go away without proper treatment but there has been a definite difference noticed when a person resorts to Ayurvedic treatment for hernia disease. Do not wait for life-threatening situations to arise. It is extremely difficult to sort out medical complications as a result of a hernia emergency. You can avail the Hernia Package offered by which contains:

1) Divya Granthi Har Vati: With anti-cancerous properties, the Divya Granthi Har Vati, helps decrease size and growth of hernia and also helps take care of haemorrhoids and thyroxin imbalance as in hyperthyroidism.

2) Divya GC Capsules: These capsules contain antioxidant rich herbal extracts that help in improving immunity of the body and take care of all the different types of hernias. This also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and is extremely good for the intestine.

3) Divya Amrit Vati: This acts as a general tonic for overall well being of the body and also boosts immunity by keeping the body safe from the attack of infections. You may be astonished but these herbs also have an amazing effect on conditions like peptic ulcers, gout, syphilis, diabetes, acidity, cough, lymphoma, etc.

4) Maha Amritam powder: Is very beneficial for the skin, cough, constipation, burning sensation of eyes, digestive system, frequent headaches, indigestion, cough and cold, hair growth etc.

5) Divya Amrit Ras: This herbal tea of 32 herbs is an enriching concoction that helps balance the whole body and maintains chakra and aura balance as well. With regular use the metabolic activity of the body is improved drastically and the body starts feeling young and energetic.

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