Is surgery the only treatment for Hernia?

by Dr. Chirag Thakkar Surgeon

In simple words hernia means, there is a defect in the abdominal wall, through which the abdominal contents like intestine, omentum (intraabdominal fat) or other organ protrude or bulge out forming a swelling. A hernia is a common problem in India. Hernias are more common in childhood or old-hood age, some are hiding their hernia or non-treating it because they are threatened from surgery. There are many pain killer medicines that cure hernia pain temporary but surgery is the only way to cure hernia permanently. An untreated hernia can develop severe consequences & painful symptoms. If you have been diagnosed or suspect you have a hernia, then consult with hernia specialist doctor. Major of the hospitals are offers hernia treatment, but you have to take treatment or surgery from hernia specialist like Dr. Chirag Thakkar (Adroit Centre for digestive & obesity surgery).

Types of hernia
There are six types of hernias. They can grow in different parts of your body and produce different symptoms-

1-    Incisional Hernia

2-    Umbilical hernia

3-    Direct Inguinal Hernia

4-    Indirect inguinal Hernia

5-     Femoral Hernia

6-    Epigastric Hernia 

Common symptoms of hernia –

1-    Feeling discomfort in the abdominal.

2-    Groin discomfort.

3-    Tenderness

4-    Abdominal distension

5-    Pain in abdomen, pelvis or testicle

There are many medicines are available in the market, a cure for hernia pain but surgery is the only way to cure hernia permanently. Medicines are not available for permanent treatment of hernia; Laparoscopic surgery is the best option for hernia treatment. There are two types of surgery are available for hernia cure – Open Surgery & Laparoscopic surgery. Open surgery is also called traditional surgery. In this surgery, closes the hernia using sutures, mesh, or both, & the surgical wound in the skin is closed with sutures, staples, or surgical glue. Laparoscopic surgery is a modern surgery is used for repeat operations to avoid previous scars, and while usually more expensive, is less likely to cause complications such as infection. Recovery after surgery is quick compared to open surgery. Chances of complication in Laparoscopic surgery are very low. The repair of a hernia is the same on both surgery – open surgery & laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery guided by a small camera and a light introduced through a tube. Surgical instruments are inserted through another small incision.

Thousands of hernia patients choose to suffer from a hernia in silence primarily because they fear surgery. Delay in treatment or surgery can result in enlargement of hernia or may cause complication like obstruction or strangulation, resulting in gangrene of a part of the intestine, which requires emergency surgery. During such complication, apart from hernia repair, this surgery may require removal of gangrenous bowel increasing the risk of surgery and also the risk of mesh infection. By Laparoscopic surgery, hernia treated without staying overnight at the hospital. Recovery of Laparoscopic surgery is very quick even patient can walk as well as eat & drink immediately after surgery. Sometimes the patient can be discharged on the same day. Laparoscopic surgery is the best way to treating hernia. If you are suffering from a hernia then consult Hernia specialist – Dr. Chirag Thakkar.

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