Know The Type Of Hernia You Have Before Hernia Surgery In Kolkata

by Ankita Srivastav Health Advisior & Consultant
A hernia is a fairly common problem now. There are so many cases of hernia that a doctor deal with every day. Not only in Kolkata but all over India hernia is a growing problem. When tissue is pushed through the wall of muscles that hold it in and in turn a bulge appears, it is known as a hernia. Hernia surgery is the only treatment viable for hernias. But before that, you should know the type of hernias that help you deal with it better. 

All hernias are caused by a combination of pressure and an opening or weakness of muscle or fascia through an opening or weak spot. Although, the muscle weakness is present at birth, more often than not, it occurs later in life too. When pressure in the abdomen increases, it can cause a hernia. Lifting heavy objects without stabilizing the abdominal muscles, diarrhoea or constipation, persistent coughing or sneezing, etc are all reasons for cause of hernia. Also, obesity, poor nutrition, and smoking can all weaken muscles and make hernias more likely.

Inguinal Hernia
When a part of the intestine protrudes through a weak spot of abdominal muscle it is known as inguinal hernia. It can occur not only in adults but in kids and infants too. A hernia is not life-threatening, but if the swelling gets bigger or painful, immediate hernia surgery is the best option.

Femoral Hernia
A femoral hernia is mostly seen in pregnant or obese women. The location of this hernia is in the upper part of the thigh or groin where the intestine enters the canal carrying the femoral artery. Stomach aches and vomiting are the prime symptoms of this type of hernia.

Umbilical Hernia
The umbilical hernia is often found in newborn babies. In this hernia, some portion of the small intestine pushes out through the stomach from the navel. The hernia closes up by the time an infant turns 1 year old. In adults, the cause of umbilical hernia is mostly obesity, pregnancy, chronic cough, chronic constipation, etc.

Incisional Hernia
Those who are elderly or overweight, and lead an inactive lifestyle are mostly prone to this type of hernia. In this type, the intestine pushes vertically along an incision. Operating on a previous spot can be dangerous and more painful. If you stay active post-surgery, you can avoid it.

Epigastric Hernia
An Epigastric hernia happens when fat pushes through a feeble piece of the abdominal wall. It happens amidst the belly between the breastbone and the belly button, or navel. More often these hernias are small and you can have more than one, at a time. The only symptom is pain in the abdomen.

Hiatal Hernia
A Hiatal hernia is unique in relation to different kinds of hernias since it protrudes from the chest. It happens when part of your stomach lumps up through your stomach and into your chest. You can't feel a Hiatal hernia or see a lump in the early stages. But it can be felt by repeated acid reflux.

Many a time people tend to ignore hernia if it’s not giving much trouble. But if you keep ignoring it the hernia will become worse and you will start feeling pain. So, it is better to have hernia surgery as soon as possible. There are many good hernia surgeon in Kolkata who give the best treatment.

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