Do I really need to undergo IVF is I am not conceiving naturally?

by Rohit Singh Digital Marketing Manager

Dr. Aanchal Agarwal with a spectacular background of high professional qualifications and years of on-hands successful experience in use of assisted reproductive technologies states that IVF treatment or precisely the in-vitro fertilization treatment has been a scientific breakthrough for couples who are looking for medical solutions against the problems which are related with fertility and conceiving.

Many experts from the field of IVF treatment in Delhi explain that there are many technologies which can be used to deal with medical problems of fertility but IVF treatment is recommended amongst all of them, majorly, for the terrific advantages, it has to offer. IVF provides high rates of success outcomes plus, the minimal risks of complications and side-effects.

In many cases of patients especially women who were dealing with fertility issues, the reasons were not similar in all of the cases. Instead, there was a range of reasons, mere blockage in the fallopian tube can also cause an obstruction in the natural process of conceiving. If a woman is unable to conceive naturally, it is wrong to claim that she is infertile without taking proper medical consultations. In these situations, IVF treatment comes to help. Depending upon the underlying cause of inability to conceive naturally, the course of IVF treatment can be altered. Often, IVF is provided along with ICSI infertility treatment and many other medical hubs of the country.

Basically, ICSI infertility treatment India is based upon the standard methodologies of performing this reproductive assisted technology on the patient. Initially, in-vitro fertilization was offered only when the women had nonfunctional fallopian tubes, medically it is termed as the condition of tubal factor infertility. It was followed up with the scientific advancements which refurbished this medical procedure into a first line treatment. The experienced doctors from well-known IVF treatment hospitals in Delhi state that it has enhanced the opportunities which are available for patients who cannot conceive naturally. If a woman is suffering from endometriosis, conceiving through the natural course can often be a difficulty, for a normal stage of pregnancy, in-vitro fertilization treatment can be done. In addition to that if the issue of infertility has its underlying cause in age-related development, in such cases also gynaecologists recommend in-vitro fertilization for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

This assisted reproductive technology which has now advanced to the level of a first-line treatment is not only helpful in cases of women patients who cannot conceive naturally but also for men who have problems with sperm count, sperm quality or the very production of sperm is not normal. Male factor infertility like these can also be dealt with in-vitro fertilization treatment, in these cases, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is included in the procedure which ensures that the sperm is directly injected into the egg, it enhances the chances of successful fertilization.

For in-vitro fertilization treatment to be successful it is important that all the steps are followed with the utmost position and high level of expert supervision. This process is initiated with ovulation induction the step, to induce quality in the egg, the woman is injected with fertility drugs. Ovulation induction is not performed in women who are unable to produce eggs. Donor eggs can be used in these situations. Once the egg has developed properly, the egg is retrieved from the mother and transferred to the incubator, this step of egg retrieval is performed under the influence of pain medication. The third step is of fertilization in which the sperm is fertilized with the retrieved egg and the zygote is kept under supervision. In the last step, the embryo is crucially evaluated through genetic counselling. It is followed up with the transfer of the healthiest embryo to the uterus of the mother. This final step includes both embryo transfer and implantation.


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