Get Rid of Joint Pain With Sports Injury Treatment at BLK

by Rohit Singh Digital Marketing Manager

Joints play the most important role in our body. They are needed in moving our body. Right from taking a small step to perform any sports activity, there is need of joints. In short, they help in the movement of the body. But there are other tasks of our joint too. Along with the movement, they also provide form, support and stability to the body. Along with joints, there are other body parts which assist in this. Some of them are – skeleton, muscles, cartilage, tendons, bones, ligaments, connective tissues etc. There is risk of joints getting injured while playing sports. This is the time when you should go for sports injury treatment. One of the best sports injury treatment hospitals is BLK.

It is very common to get injured while playing sports. At BLK, you will find the best sports injury treatment specialist in India. Sports injury treatment depends on the severity of the case and what body part is injured. Most of the common injuries can be solved with the OTP pain relievers and rest whereas other severe ones are solved with the help of therapy and surgery.

BLK has the best sports injury treatment specialist in India. Some of the common injuries that are caused while playing sports are back pain, broken arm or wrist, broken ankle, broken leg, bursitis, cartilage damage, concussion, dislocated shoulder, hamstring injuries, heel pain, minor and severe head injuries, tennis elbow, tendonitis, shouldr pain, sprains and strains.

One of the most common sports injury treatments in Delhi is in the form of ACL reconstruction. It is a surgical procedure in which our anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) gets damaged and is in need of reconstruction. If there is damage in the shoulder, then there is a minimally invasive procedure which is in the form of arthroscopy.

Knee replacement

You should be careful in selecting a hospital for knee replacement. Knee is a complex joint in our body which connects our thigh bone to the leg bone. Meniscus is a structure inside the knee which helps in the motion of the knee and acts as shock absorbers. If your knee is not functioning properly, then the best way out is total knee replacement surgery in Delhi.

There are different reasons for knee pain to occur. Osteoarthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, gout, chondromalacia patella, dislocation of knee etc. are some of the reasons. Knee replacement is a procedure to remove the worn out cartilages from our body. BLK is the best knee replacement hospital in India. Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is the most preferred form of surgery.

In this procedure, local or general anesthesia is provided. Small incisions of around 4-5 inches are made and saline water is pumped into the knee. Then the arthroscope is inserted along with the tools to correct the problem.


Hip replacement

BLK is also an ideal hospital for hip replacement. Hip is a joint where thigh bone meets hip bone. In our hips, there are layers of cartilage that covers the ball shaped end of the femur and socket part of the pelvis. But in some conditions, the cartilage wears down. This condition is known as degeneration. BLK gives you the best hip replacement surgery in India.

In early stage of hip arthritis, pain can be controlled with physiotherapy and medication but surgery is needed when there is significant amount of pain. BLK has efficient hip replacement surgeons in India. In this procedure, an operation is done to replace the worn out or damaged hip joint. The artificial hip joint is made of metal, plastic, ceramic or combination of them.

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