How neurology helps in treating brain tumor

by Rohit Singh Digital Marketing Manager

Our nervous system is nothing but a network of nerve cells and fibers. It transmits nerve impulses between different parts of the body. In simpler terms, the main function of this system is to transmit messages to and from the brain and spinal to various sides of the body. There are two different sub categories – central and peripheral. Central consists of brain and spinal cord and. All the activity of the body is influenced with the help of this system. Peripheral consists of all the nerves and ganglia present outside the brain and spinal cord. Some diseases are present in the body which can cause grave problems. You need to consult the best neurology hospitals for that.

The branch of medicine which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of the nervous system is known as neurology. It deals with problems such as coordination issues, muscle weakness, sensation changes, confusion or dizziness. There is need to visit a neurologist at the earliest if you are problems in senses such as touch, vision and smell. Our nervous system is very complex and requires specialty in different areas. Some of common subspecialties in best neurology hospitals are neuro-oncology, neurocritical care, geriatric neurology, pediatric neurology etc.

Brain tumor is one of the conditions associated with our nervous system. It can be cancerous or non cancerous. It is the abnormal growth of cells in the brain. In normal cases, old cells of the body die and are replenished with new cells but in tumor, they grow even when there is no use of them in the body. They can be cancerous or non cancerous in nature. These can begin in the brain itself or travel from other parts of the body to the brain. The growth rate determines how it will affect the nervous system.

Best brain tumor hospitals in India identify the following signs before giving the treatment –

·         Change in the pattern of headaches or onslaught of new ones.

·         The intensity of headaches increases and becomes more frequent.

·         Change in personality and behavior.

·         Forgetting even daily things.

·         Seizures even when there is no history.

There are different types of tumors and are named from the type of cells that are involved. For ex – Meningiomas arise from the membranes that surround the spinal cord (meninges). Some of the common types which spread to the brain are breast, colon, kidney cancer etc. Risk factors include exposure to radiation and history of brain tumors.

Best brain tumor hospitals in Delhi use the following diagnostic procedures –

·         Neurological exam – It checks various different things such as vision, hearing, balance, coordination etc. If there is abnormality in any areas, then it can indicate tumor.

·         Imaging tests – MRI is the most common test to help diagnose brain tumors. Other imaging tests include CT scan and PET scan.

·         Biopsy – It is done to remove a part of the tumor to find out if it cancerous or non cancerous.

There are different options to get rid of this condition. One of the common types is external beam radiation therapy. Radiations come from outside and to kill the affected cells. It can either focus just on the area where the brain tumor is located or applied to the entire brain. Best brain tumor treatment hospitals suggests surgery if it is located in the area where it is highly accessible. In many conditions, tumors are small and easy to separate from the surrounding brain tissue. When it is not possible to remove the whole tumor, then only a part is removed with the help of Neuro-Spine Surgery in India.

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