Different types of road cargo transportation

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Which transportation is best for my type of cargo? It is the most frequent question that various clients ask. The type of transportation is an essential consideration that one must think about while planning for cargo transportation.

Various factors contribute to determining the transportation type, starting from the size of the cargo, weight up to the temperature sensitivity.

1.    Flatbed transportation

This cargo transportation is generally used when large pieces of building supplies or equipment need to be moved. But, its use is not only restricted to that kind of cargo.

One of the biggest advantages that the transportation offers are:

è Convenience

è Faster unloading and loading

è More weight capability

è Better secured cargo

è Continuous space

Regardless you are in the general manufacturing or construction business, these cargo trucks Malaysia are vital for any transportation.

2.    Curtain sided transportation

These are the most commonly used vehicles for general road haulage. These comprise of curtain roof and are covered with PVC curtain sides. The reason why this transportation is so famous is the curtain sides that the truck has, which leads to simple loading and unloading.

Moreover, these work perfect for commercial cargo. Also, the transportation offers protection to the cargo, and the convenience of a flat deck, both at the same time.

3.    Box truck transportation

These can be recognized easily by their large box-shaped metal structure. It is ideal for moving cargo that is sensitive to weather. Additionally, box trucks feature tie-down points to keep the cargo secured.

Some of the cargo-type which is being transported with these trucks includes:

è Packages

è Household goods

è Clothes

è Perishables

è Home appliances

The thing that makes it a perfect solution for local routes is the safety of cargo that it offers.

4.    Temperature controlled transportation

This has a growing impact on our everyday lives. This kind of road cargo transportation needs special, temperature-controlled trucks. Precisely, the products have an in-built refrigeration system, which helps to keep the products at a certain temperature throughout the transportation process.

In reality, for various products temperature-controlled road cargo transportation is not the option, it’s more of a necessity. The most important and biggest benefit that temperature-controlled trucks offer is keeping the sensitive products from deteriorating and losing their value at the time of transportation.

5.    Road cargo transportation – Tanker transportation

It is only associated with some of the industries. These are referred both to a semi-truck that hauls tanks and the straight truck that hauls tanks. Transportation is specialized for transporting different chemicals, liquids, or gases.

Depending upon the need of a customer, transportation can also be used for transporting liquids of a hazardous nature like pesticides and fuel.

6.    Car-carrying transportation

Transportation of the vehicle can be nerve-racking; this is why most people nowadays choose to transport their vehicle from one place to another via this transportation service. The vehicle gets loaded on an open-trailer and is exposed outdoors. It comprises the ramps which make the loading and unloading process easier. These trailers use power hydraulics to lower or raise the ramps. This type of transportation is used widely.


As it can be seen, there are various options for cargo transportation. Each one of them has its benefits. Still, prioritizing your needs and understanding the cargo is essential when choosing the right transportation.

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