Different business logo styles that can enhance your brand value

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Whether you run a startup or an established business, a well-designed logo is essential for your brand presence. But before you get your logo designed, you need to understand that logo is much more than just a combination of shapes, text, and icons. It is an image of your brand that symbolizes and represents your business values and nature. That is why it is important that you choose the right logo style.

What are your options? Well, here are seven popular business logo styles that you can use to enhance your brand value.


Emblem style logos represent powerful universal concepts, so, they can appear anywhere. For example, three lions for England’s national football team signify strength, royalty, and tradition. This logo style consists of fonts inside of a symbol or icon. For instance, crests, badges, and seals. Because of its classic look, it is widely used by schools and government agencies. You can take logo design inspiration from Harley Davidson’s logo, which is one of the most popular examples of a simple emblem style logo.


If you want to use an image without constraining with a literal representation, abstract style logo is the perfect choice for you. This means the abstract is a type of logo that induces a feeling more than a thought. Also, you can create something truly unique with the aid of this mark. The great thing about these types of logos is that even if the visitors are unfamiliar with your brand, they get a pretty good idea of what your logo stands for. The Nike Swoosh is one of the great examples of these types of logos.


Whether you have a distinct business name or your name is your brand’s name as well (e.g., if you’re a photographer), a wordmark style logo is ideal for you. Make sure your brand name is catchy and memorable because only attractive names with string typography can create strong brand recognition. You can take Google’s logo as a perfect example of this style logo.


A pictorial mark is an icon or graphics-based logo that represents a specific brand. It can communicate more about a brand than an abstract mark or wordmark, so, it is very popular in the market. A true pictorial mark is only an image, that’s why it can be tricky to use for those companies that are only starting up and don’t have a strong enough brand recognition. When you think about the logo, it is probably the images that come to your mind: the iconic Apple and the Twitter bird. Both logos are figurative and because each brand is so established, their icons are easily recognizable as well.

Letter mark

A letter mark is also known as the monogram logo- it is all about simplicity. It is a type of typography logo that consists of the brand’s initials. If you want to attach your brand name and visual identity, but you have a long name, a letter mark is a perfect option for you. For example, how much easy is it to say and remember—HBO rather than Home Box Office?


If you want an image, but you also need the support of text to describe what your brand is, a combination mark is the right choice for your brand. Burger King is one of the perfect examples of the combination mark. These types of logos are adaptable, so you can use them by combining wordmark and letter mark or pictorial mark or emblem mark.

Get inspired

There are no hard and fast rules in logo design. Maybe, with the above examples, you will get a basic idea about each type of logo. But whatever logo style you choose, you should make sure that your logo design leaves an impression on the people.

While designing a logo is fun, it requires proper knowledge about colors, fonts, sizes, and types. And even a little mistake can ruin your brand’s complete image in the market. So, you need to hire a professional logo design service to get the best results.

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