Difference Between Summer, Winter, And All-Season Tyres

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We don’t use a fork to eat our soup, then why should we use incorrect tyres for various weathers? Tyres of our car help it to maintain safety and performance both at the same time. There are different kinds of tyres available in the market to cater to different weather conditions. Tyres today are specially designed with dedicated features for traction and performance requirements of a vehicle.

On the basis of distinction done due weather, there are three types of tyres at our disposal:

Summer tyres: If you feel the heat in the summers, so do your tyres. Summer tyres are designed with a harder rubber compound. Hard rubber compounds help it to withstand a large amount of heat generated due to friction suffered from the roads. Another crucial element in summer tyres is their shallow treads. Shallow treads assist the tyres in manoeuvring better in dry conditions as more rubber of the tyres come in contact with the road. Summer tyres use symmetrical pattern for their treads that offer excellent acceleration and performance to the vehicle. Symmetric tread also decreases the tyre’s rolling resistance and hence results in the enhanced fuel efficiency of the car. 

Winter tyres: Winter tyres are a great mercenary for cold and harsh winter road conditions. As we all know; how difficult it is to drive on snow-laden road, it is imperative for drivers to take every necessary precaution possible. Winter tyres come with deeper tread with increased number of grooves on it. This helps the tyre to displace a large amount of water from the road and prevent aquaplaning. These tyres have added shallower grooves on the side treads known as sipes. Sipes enhance the biting capability of tyres, which in turn, holds the snow better. Unlike summer tyres, winter tyres are made from softer rubber compounds that assist them with the traction requirements. 

All-season tyres: We all want our expenses to fall to minimum. Investing in all season tyres Nottingham will precisely do the same. All season tyres are a great mix of handling abilities of summer tyres with advanced gripping of winter tyres. All season tyres possess asymmetrical tread patterns that means they have two different tread designs on the same tread. One side of the tyre’s tread is made up of shallower grooves, while the other one has deeper slots with added sipes. Compound that is used within these tyres is in-between summer and winter tyres. 

When you consider buying all-season tyres, you save significantly on purchasing two different sets of tyres. But do remember, no all-season tyre can cater to extreme conditions. 

It is mandatory for you to judge your requirement better before buying new sets of tyres for your car. To know more about what tyres will fit your vehicle better, make sure to give us a call, here at TreadMark Wheels & Tyres. Our experts will significantly help you with your purchase of new tyres Nottingham

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