Why are winter tyres so crucial in the winter season?

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Tyres are the heart and soul of any vehicle. Going by this notion, you cannot ignore them whatsoever. Seasons affect your tyres gravely, and tyre manufacturing companies understand this fact very well. That’s the reason they make tyres which suit different seasons. Roads get slippery in the winter season, and the issue of aquaplaning never gets solved. That’s why you need special tyres for this season.

You might fret over the issue of maintaining two different sets of tyres, as that might seem expensive to you. But if you see from the safety point of view, these tyres become mandatory in such a season. Winters are the time when you can go to some exotic locations and enjoy skiing with your family. You’d like to ensure that you reach your destination safely. For that, you need a sturdy set of Bentley tyres Northampton that can combat such icy roads. Here’s everything that you’d like to know about winter tyres.

Why are winter tyres so special?

The composition of winter tyres is unique. You must know what goes into the making of these tyres.

The rubber of the tyres becomes stiff in the cold season. But winter tyres have more silica in them, which makes them flexible in this season.

Due to the soft rubber compound, they offer remarkable grip on the snow-clad roads. Their braking is also the best on such surfaces.

The unique tread pattern of these tyres has numerous sipes on them. These channels bite into the snow and clear any kind of slush or water beneath the snow.

These tyres have deep tread grooves that intertwine with snow and enhance the grip on such slippery surfaces.

When do you need to make a switch to winter tyres?

Winters are all about a drop in the temperatures. You might feel the cold around you, but you have to wait until the temperature drops to a certain level. If you switch to winter tyres too early, then that might lead to an increase in tread wear. The rubber compound doesn’t remain that robust when the climate is still warm. When you see the temperature going below 7°C, you need to switch to winter tyres. That is the time when the roads are going to give your tyres a tough time. So, switch to winter tyres and enjoy your driving.

What are the things you need to check before you switch to winter tyres?

Inspect your tyres physically. Since your tyres are stored for a long time, make sure that there aren’t any deep cuts in them.

Check the sidewalls of the car tyres Northampton. See that they aren’t bulging.

Check the tread. That’s the most important thing. You can either check the treads by inserting a coin into it or by using a tread depth gauge. Car Tyres don’t wear evenly. So, you need to check the treads across the tyre from several other sections.

Before you take your vehicle on the road, you must put the winter kit in your car so that it remains handy at all times. You also need to know some tips on safe driving.

Can all-season tyres replace winter tyres?

If you’re living in a place with a mild temperature, and don’t even need summer tyres for the same, then you can go ahead with all-season tyres. However, when the weather is extremely cold, then it’s better you switch to winter tyres and don’t take chances at all. No matter how good your all-season tyres are, they are still going to flunk when they need to tread on the snow. Safety is paramount for all of us, and you shouldn’t ever compromise with it.

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