Destiny 2 New Season’s Upcoming Exotic Weapon Sounds Crazy

by Alessia Martine

A datamine of the upcoming exotic weapon coming in Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals looks to have a unique, insane new perk for the game.

With the new season being launched recently, there has been a lot of talk about new content regarding various aspects of the game. And the thing that is leading the quest is the little bit of information that says a new exotic trace rifle will be introduced in the game during the course of the season via an exotic quest. As exciting as it is, there is very little to go on apart from the few glimpses in trailers and a screenshot.


The developer Bungie has stayed pretty silent about the introduction of the new exotic weapon. But if the data mine stands for even a little bit of truth, the new exotic weapon could end up being pretty crazy and a treat for the players to be used in the game. The new season already had some pretty good weapons like the Witherhoard exotic grenade launcher and a few new swords, the introduction of such an exotic will be a game-changer.

For the new exotic tracer rifle being introduced this season in Destiny 2, according to the datamine shared by From on the Raid Secrets subreddit, the exotic is called Ruinous Effigy. The exotic perk that it has is called “Transmutation”, and it goes as “Final blows with this weapon collapse victims into Void Transmutation spheres.” While this perk alone sounds a mouthful and a half and seems interesting enough, it also has a secondary perk called Evolution, which gives players the ability to wield the Void Transmutation spheres as weapons. The perk Evolution reads, “Transmutation spheres you create can be picked up and wielded as weapons by you and your allies.”

The buck does not stop there, the sphere can not only be wielded, but as some players might assume that wielding it means using it as a melee weapon like some other orb shaped objects in the game, but these specific Transmutation spheres have more than just a simple melee attack. According to the description in the datamine about the perk Evolution, a player equipped with the Transmutation sphere will be able to perform a light attack, heavy attack, and a guard ability that also appears to drain nearby combatants.

Apart from the fact that it is a tracer rifle, none of its other abilities are like anything ever seen in Destiny 2. But obviously, the only way for players to find out if the datamine is all true and the Ruinous Effigy is as strong as described, players will need to get their hand on it and start testing it out. But if it is as powerful as it sounds, Ruinous Effigy will join a powerful stable of new weapons in Season of Arrivals.

Witherhoard has been proven to be an amazing and powerful exotic grenade launcher. This weapon was such a success that it is even linked to the famous extremely powerful Anarchy raid exotic because of its overwhelming ability to lock on to players and dealing damage for an extended period of time without the shooter having to continuously land shots or deal continuous, direct damage. And all this is the statistics, the present bugged condition of the Witherhoard that is melting raid bosses in mere seconds.

With the new season being launched recently, players are still out there rummaging through all the weapons that they get. It is still really early to call which weapons are the best. Still, one of the early standouts is the Falling Guillotine that can deal massive damage with its special spin attack that is reminiscent of Destiny 1’s Dark-Drinker exotic sword.

Players are still getting to know the new season, and there will be a lot of debates going on about how good the new season is or how engaging it is or what potential it has to go forward or leave a mark. But one thing that can be said hands down is the selection of weapons that this game has put forward is nothing short of amazing. If nothing else at all, this season is delivering some top-tier weapons that could be especially good once gear retirement goes into effect with the release of the Beyond Light expansion and the accompanying Season 12.

As for the new exotic tracer rifle, Ruinous Effigy, there is no date yet given to know the release of the quest that will let players win the new rifle. But regardless, it is something that players need to keep an eye out for over the course of the season before it ends on September 22nd when Beyond Light releases.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.


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