Designer Dog Clothes – How To Train Your Doggie To Wear Them

by Sharon Jones Content Marketing

There are several reasons why dog owners would want to dress their pets. Some people want to protect their pooches from harsh weather. Others want to prevent him/her from licking surgery incisions. You can teach most dogs to wear clothes, but every doggie has his/her adjustment pace. A highly sociable or interactive pooch gets used to wearing clothes with a little persuasion. On the other hand, if Fido is too sensible, then it will take time to get accustomed to their new clothes. Pet dogs should find it enjoyable to wear clothes without feeling afraid or uncomfortable about it. If the situation is becoming too stressful, then you shouldn’t hesitate to take a break. Here are a few ways to teach your pet to wear clothes.


  1. Start as early as possible: One should never keep their pooches covered in clothes all the time. Nevertheless, if you want your doggie to feel comfortable in garments, then you should start early. You should purchase designer dog clothes from and practice dressing Fido during his puppy-years. Besides, dog garments become a necessity, especially during inclement weather or after surgery.


  1. Keep it simple: It doesn’t matter whether you’re training a puppy or an adult dog to wear togs. You should always begin with simple dresses. They shouldn’t cover your pet’s legs, head, feet, or the private parts. Choose something that has an open stomach. You should be able to fasten such a dress from both sides on the chest and under the stomach. Such designer dog clothes eliminate the need to put the clothing over your dog’s head, which is quite frightening to some.


  1. Make it enjoyable: Your pet will enjoy getting dressed only if they build a positive association with the clothes. Therefore, you should reward your dog with a treat if he/she just looks at it. Then, if he/she sniffs it, assign the moment with a ‘good’ and a reward. Now, reward your pet again for standing calmly in place as you touch his/her sides gently with the clothes. Cover his/her back with the dress and reward him/her again. In the end, fasten the clothing with straps and reward him/her once again.


  1. Wardrobe expansion: Once your pet gets comfortable with dressing up, you can think about purchasing new varieties of clothes. There are t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and others. You should choose something that requires putting his/her head through the neck hole. Start by giving your pooch with a treat as you try to put the shirt on him. Make sure that you use one hand to pull the neck hole over the dog’s head and nose while giving the treat with the other hand. You should repeat the process after a few seconds.


  1. Keep it short: Begin with your pet wearing the togs for ten to sixty seconds and not longer during the first few days. When he/she is wearing a new outfit, you should offer treats and praise him/her continuously. You should also distract your furry buddy with something productive, such as providing a toy or a puzzle to play with at the time. As soon as the clothes come off, you should reduce the praises and treats. This activity teaches your pal to associate clothes with good things.


Start dressing


The last thing that you must know is that dressing your dog is cruel if he/she hates it. Therefore, you should be generous with the treats. Most pets respond positively to treats. Dressing your pet is both practical and fun. With the tricks given above, you can train your pooch to create an exclusive style statement.


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