Why Should We Wear Cotton Clothes in Summer?

by Vikram Sharma Textile designer

Cotton is a widely used fiber around the world, particularly because cotton makes up a large portion of the clothing we wear, and clothes marketed as cotton are more likely to be purchased. While cotton is not preferred in all types of clothing, many casual outfits, particularly those intended for the summer season, are made primarily of cotton.

Cotton is well-known for its ability to cool your body and provide excellent comfort during the hot season. But, you may be wondering, does it really benefit the body in the summer? What does cotton have that the other fabric doesn’t? Based on your curiosity about cotton’s contribution, here are some of the reasons why cotton is the ultimate fabric for the coming summer.

1. Cotton has Insulation Qualities

Cotton fabrics and clothes like cotton vests are commonly used for thermal insulation. This is why, in addition to being great in the summer, cotton clothing is also great in the winter. This fabric traps air within its fibers, keeping it away from the body or skin. This creates more space for air between the fabric and the skin, resulting in insulation and comfort.

2. Cotton Controls the Moisture

During the summer, cotton is a highly absorbent fabric that easily absorbs sweat from the skin. Because they absorb moisture from the skin immediately, they prevent your body from retaining too much liquid. Cotton fabrics are also breathable and have been shown to absorb at least one-fifth of their weight in water before becoming wet.

3. Cotton is Weatherproof

Cotton fabrics are resistant to weather and can be made into a variety of garments such as formal half shirts, cotton sarees, men's formal plain shirts, or men's cotton white full shirts in general. Cotton will retain its comfort level even if it is made into a tight garment.

4. Cotton is Hypoallergenic

Have you heard of cotton clothing causing allergies? Not at all, because it is extremely rare. In fact, most people with skin allergies prefer cotton because it does not irritate the skin. This is why cotton is used in many medical products such as bandages and even baby clothes.

5. Cotton is Durable

Cotton is surprisingly durable and has a high tensile strength despite absorbing so much moisture. As a result, it's not every day that your cotton garment tears unexpectedly or that you need to buy new clothes after a few washes.

5 Important Things to Look at When Buying Clothes Online

Because everything can now be done online, our shopping has shifted as well. Who doesn't enjoy shopping for clothes online? Shopping for clothes is both relaxing and rewarding. Online shopping has a few advantages: we don't have to stand in long lines in front of the cash register, we don't have to drive from store to store looking for that perfect piece of clothing, there's no bargaining, and we can shop with just a few clicks, even while watching Netflix. Online shopping has some drawbacks, no matter how appealing it appears. Don't you hate it when your favorite pair of jeans come in two sizes too small? Or when you see the same dress for a much lower price? When purchasing clothing online in India, you must exercise greater caution.

Online shopping is simple, but with a little extra care, you can make your experience more rewarding and secure. Before you go shopping, consider the following suggestions:

Go For A Known Brand:

Several online clothing stores offer some fantastic clothing items like a cotton lungi. However, you should always look for clothing stores with a good reputation. Avoid purchasing from unknown online retailers.

Check For Reviews Of The Online Store And The Products It Sells:

Reviews reveal a lot about India's online clothing stores. When you go online shopping, look for customer reviews of that specific online clothing store. Customer reviews provide authentic insights and perspectives on the store and its products.

Research On The Materials:

One common mistake people make when shopping online is failing to research the materials of the dress they are purchasing. The fabric material is described in detail in the majority of online clothing stores. Make sure you read it before purchasing that item.

Check For The Size Chart:

Size charts for various brands vary. So, before purchasing your clothes, go over the size chart on the online store's website. Also, look at the website to see what size the model is wearing. It may give you a better idea of what size you need to purchase.

Check For The Return & Exchange Policies:

Even if you exercise extreme caution when purchasing clothing online, things may not go as planned. Examining the return and exchange policies of online clothing stores for women and men is a good idea. This will prepare you for the future if you need to return or exchange a piece of clothing.

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