Decoding the Job Role of a Language Translator

by The Yellow Coin PR Agency in Delhi

Commonly seen, when asked about the role of a language translator, people possibly answer it as a work profile wherein the job of the professional is to simply convert the text from the source language into the target language. However, the job includes many activities beyond this scope. As written in his book Translation as a Profession, author Roger Chriss defines the job of language translator as language professionals who are also applied linguists, competent writers, diplomats and educated amateurs. 

Like linguists, the translators need to be well equipped with knowledge regarding both the source and target language to adequately handle the nuances, terminologies, colloquialism and any other developments in the languages. Similar to the writers, they are required to be well-accustomed with the long working hours that mainly include developing and researching subjects that interest the masses and language trends that comforts the majority’s lifestyle and educational levels. Coming to the similarity of job attribute shared by both the translating professionals and diplomats is that while working they both need to be extremely careful regarding the cultural and social differences that exist in the society. Finally, as educated amateurs, they are required to know every minute knicks and knacks of the subjects they deal with. Another important aspect of a good translating agent’s job is to be a good communicator who adequately communicates with the client to know their views and ideologies in framing the desired translation works.

Overall, multitasking is the key of acing the translation job and here is a list of some additional works that come into account of a good translating professional’s work attributes:

·         Maintain the intended meaning of the message as conveyed in the source language

·         Follow the word choice and style sheet of target language as provided by the client or as followed by the majority of the target audience.

·         Try to maintain as much balance as possible between the formatting of source documents and the translated one.

·         Carefully assess the regional preferences of target language as it majorly affects the phrasing and grammar.

·         Ensure overall clarity and accuracy of the translated works.

As much as an art Translation is also a science. The functioning in the industry keeps on changing from time to time as per the trends prevailing in the literature markets. Machines haven’t yet reached that level of expertise to process the localized aspects and grammar nuances of languages that keep on changing from region to region irrespective of the languages. Even after so many years of translation industry into being, human translation is still its necessity. But similar to the machines, humans too can do an error that is why any reputed translation agency in Delhi or around the world has a thorough quality assurance process in place.

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