3 Mistakes your language translator may do

by The Yellow Coin PR Agency in Delhi

Language translation is a labor-intensive process of communicating the text written in one language (L1) to the different cultural readers who understand and speak another language (L2). It involves the substitution of different words in source language with the most suitable words in the target language. The language may differ, but not the meaning. The meaning and essence of a text should remain the same and deliver the readers the same experience as the original text might have given. It requires best language translators to have stupendous intellect, brainstorming, and the language proficiency to recreate a text with same cultural gist and experience. You will find all the best language translators in only the professional and reputed language translation agency in Delhi.

While many translation agencies in Delhi employ only the professional and experienced language translators, but many make all major and minor mistakes in translation which can degrade the overall quality of the original as well as a translated copy of the text. To ensure the supreme quality of document translation in Delhi, relying solely on the translators won’t do. You should also check your document after translation to spot the mistakes or errors that your translator might have overlooked.

Mistakes to watch out in your translated document

1.    Although the ones who offer language translation services in Delhi take complete responsibility of delivering you the edited and finalized version of the document, still they miss on some of the text of the document to translate. Phrases, phone numbers, paragraphs, idioms, do not necessarily require translation, but should be contained in the translated version. Better it would be to include them all in the annotations or footnotes.

2.    Your language translator might have misinterpreted the original text and written something else in L2 which has completely different meaning and implication. You would not want your book or document to be misinterpreted by huge readership, would you? Therefore, you should carefully read and examine the book to verify this. If you find any mistake, contact immediately to the concerned translation agency in Delhi.

3.    You, as a writer, may make common mistakes such as spelling error, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. It’s quite normal. Your translator might also make these trivial errors which may deteriorate the overall quality of the book. The reader cannot comprehend your book if the punctuation is misplaced or language is incoherent. Therefore, the sooner your translation company in Delhi delivers you the work, review at the earliest and get them corrected if you find any fault. 

Availing the cost-effective language translation services in Delhi is recommended to get the best quality document translation which appeals to your target readers. But, it’s your responsibility also to keep a check on what your language translation company delivers to you.

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